For all you who are disappointed

Of course you are. As I am. But you are not as disappointed as the players and coaches. And you need to put this all in perspective. We had not won an SEC game in three years before Pittman showed up. We won 3 SEC games last year and it should have been 4. We beat Texas and Texas A&M this year, Badly. And lost by 1 point on the road to an SEC team that has only lost to Alabama and schemed against our defense the whole offseason. And to the #1 team in the country, And yes, we lost to Auburn at home, but in a pretty close game, with a beat up team, and it was not like we were playing the Sisters of the Poor, this was a team we weren’t even competitive against until Pittman showed up. Time will tell as far as this year and as far as Pittman’s tenure is concerned, but I am still cautiously optimistic, if not optimistic. Cheer up, as Nolan said, not all sickness is death, we’ll probably be fine. But fans losing hope for little reason won’t help at all.


I believe you can be disappointed and still be proud of the team, which I think most of us are.

BUT, yesterday I saw a coaching staff make some decisions that I didn’t feel were necessary in those situations and players who a few weeks ago were wreaking havoc on opposing teams play mediocre at times yesterday. I agree we are beat up and I believe the fire and heart is still there, but I think it’s a blessing that we have essentially 3 weeks to get our heads on straight so we can finish strong the last 4 SEC games of the season (we better destroy UAPB).

Injuries seem to haunt us at the wrong time. I’m still behind the team. A couple of breaks our way would be nice. We can still go to a bowl game. After the last few years, I’m going to be happy about it. We are heading in the right direction but it’s going to take time.


Completely agree!

I think the problem is that we’ve seen this happen a few times… last half of the season we just don’t have it. I’m not down on the players or the coach but it is disappointing that we are looking at maybe not winning as many SEC games this year as we did last. The other thing that bothered me after this game was a comment by one of the players in the post game “they wanted it more than we did”… heard that a lot the last few years… We’re better than we’re showing but missed tackles, poor decision making on some key plays makes it hard to compete with less talent than your opponent. I believe Sam will right the ship and we are in good hands… going to take a few years as we all thought prior to the first 4 games this year… patience, once again.

Lookee here what I just saw…

As always, folks know better than the coach. That play didn’t work, so it’s a bad call! Our defense makes a stop, “great play!”, not the opposing coach made a bad play call. Armchair QBs, after the fact, I just find it very amusing.

Three weeks ago our coaches was geniuses! :sunglasses:


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