For all you naysayers - let’s get behind Muss!

After watching this video, do all of you who can’t get over losing Mike still think we’ll have key players leave the program? I remember some of you accusing fans who wanted to see a change of hoping the Hogs would lose games to insure Mike was fired. Are you all so married to your own prophecy of gloom and doom that you’re hoping players leave and that we struggle just so you can say “I told you so”? I hope not. I have a buddy who played for Coach Musselman in the NBA. He says we hit a home run. Let’s rally behind him, encourage our players and recruits - and help our beloved program get back to national prominence!

Good post. Very good start. I support whoever he wants on staff but I think he needs one guy with local connections and with a history with these players and the recruits out there. Petrino used Horton, Bielema AND Morris used Lunney for this. I think he needs Scotty Thurman on his staff. If Corliss is a fan of CEM, he should be able to vouch for Scotty and vice versa.

The key is recruiting. There are some great players in high school in Arkansas and Memphis, Kentucky, Florida, and MissState all are threats to steal them away. The key for Musselman’s future success is keeping most of those great players coming to the Hill. Go Hogs.

Great posts guys