For all those people saying Morris should get another year

or more. Morris we all know inherited a mess and we only won 2 games his first year none in SEC. He had an outstanding recruiting year and yet we are really not any better in fact in some areas we are worse. Mike Neighbors was hired 3 years ago and inherited a mess from Jimmy Dykes who should have never been hired, but that is whole different matter. The first year he was 3-13 in SEC and 13-18 overall. I think it was remarkable that he had that good of a record. Last year Neighbors squad finished 6-10 in SEC , 22-15 overall and finished in semi finals of WNIT. That people is what you call progress compared to what we have seen on the football field. This year Neighbors squad is picked to finish 5th in the SEC and 22nd in the country. I can’t remember the last time we were picked that high probably when Gary Blair was our coach. We all know that John White fired Gary Blair for no reason and Blair went on to win a National Championship at Texas A & M.

I realize that there is a huge difference between football and women’s basketball, but it does show you the difference in the coaches. Mike Neighbors is an excellent coach Chad Morris hasn’t proved that he is an SEC football coach yet!

It is hard compare basketball 13 players roster to football and a 105 man roster. While CMN was able to take the ladies and get everything he possibly could out of them and where CCM last year had a few quitters down the end of the season.
The way we lost games is what’s so glaring to me and not being able to figure out the QB position this season and also sitting and watching a complete meltdown for 2 or 3 quarters before making a change! Then rinse and repeat between 2 QB’s that have failed to get the job done.
The team is better this season they just haven’t won! That’s on the staff. In my opinion the Ole Miss, SJS and Kentucky games should have been wins.
These next few games the coaching and decision making by this staff may actually decide their own fate! They should be able to win 3 of the 4 games.
Missing a bowl game with this schedule is disappointing.

And what are going to do next year with a horrendous schedule which includes Notre Dame in South Bend 2nd game of season!

I agree with most of what except I don’t see us winning 3 of our remaining games!

Well. Jeff Long said we are not a “win at all cost” program. Even though Long didn’t hire Morris, we certainly didn’t hire a “win at all cost” Coach. I am past ready for a coach whose first priority is winning. Being a bottom feeder sucks.

Morris coaching wins thus far at Arkansas:

Eastern Illinois 3-8 ( FCS, coach was fired)
Tulsa 2-10 (AAC)

Portland State 5-4 (FCS)
Colorado State 3-5 (MWC, coach on hot seat)

W/L record of vanquished foes 13-27

0-13 in the SEC

Losses as a favorite to Colorado State, San Jose State, and N Texas

1-7 in one score games.

18-38 all time as an HC with as many P5 and SEC wins as Swine Fusion and JacksonReid have sitting on their respective recliners.

If that’s not an absolutely stellar resume for an SEC HC I don’t know what is.

The audacity of some of you to question whether this guy is SEC HC material is stunning.

I’d suggest shutting your mouths, cheering dutifully, and…almost forgot the most important thing of all… keep writing those Razorback Foundation checks, smile when you do it, and of course don’t you EVER DARE to question the wise men on the Hill that found you this coaching legend!!!

Hardly ever agree with Jackson, but that is funny right there. :smile:

Great post Jackson. It’s why it’s hard to have confidence at this stage.