For all the understandable frustration

with our pitcher’s walks today, it was a couple of key walks a par of our upperclassmen drew that kick started the comeback.

Luke drew a key leadoff walk after being rung up on an awful call and Grant, again, worked a long count after digging a hole.

Bonfield is stubborn but that .440 OBP is too often overlooked. He gets on base a lot. That puts pressure on opponents. We strand a lot but we get on base a lot.

That often leads to lots of crooked numbers for the good guys.

Our offense was really good today. Fletcher’s 3 run homer was beautiful. You’re right about getting key walks. You’re also right about that awful call on the full count against Bonfield. Ball was clearly outside. Yes, it’s frustrating to leave so many stranded, but we got some key runs today with runners on base. Fletcher’s was the most important of course, but when we loaded the bases in B8, we got the important sac fly from HJ. That 2 run lead was big going into the 9th.

I’d much rather have LOB than three up three down. Coming into today we had 392 LOB in 44 games. That’s almost 9 LOB per game. But we’d also scored 320 runs, about 7.5 per game (I know we got 9 today but I don’t remember the LOB number). That’s top 10 in Hog history in RPG, and most of the ones above it were during the juiced-bat era. Our dinger count of 69 is already in the top 10 all-time with a minimum of 12 games remaining, and the per-game average of 1.49 HRs would be a school record.

What’s so frustrating is having a runner on third base with no out or 1 out and not scoring. Bases loaded and no outs and get 1 run. There were a few bad calls that went aginst us at the plate! The 3-2 call third strike on Bonfield and the 3-1 pitch that was clearly low and outside And I can’t remember who that hitter was. I think it was Casey Martin
The interference call on Fletcher by the home plate umpire cost the hogs as well.

The hogs are scoring runs but at times they miss out on easy chances to score.

So does every other team in baseball. I just looked up this season’s MLB stats on runners stranded in scoring position. All of MLB is pretty clustered – 2.7 to 4.3 LOBISP per game. Same with regular LOB; the MLB range is from 6.1 to 7.9 LOB. We’re at 9. (The bigs’ worst team at stranding runners is the Cubs, who would be tied for the last NL wild card if the playoffs started tomorrow). I also looked up the stats for Florida, the SEC leader and the consensus #1 team in the country. They average 7.3 LOB.

If you’re not leaving people on base, you’re also not getting on base enough. The best MLB team at avoiding LOB? Arizona, which has a team BA of .229. The Snakes are in first place, but it ain’t because of their offense.

I bet all those are Bonfield and Koch’s fault too.