For all the acrimony, Arkansas is...

23-9 in its last 32 games.

The Razorbacks won 9 of 12 down the stretch last season and are 14-6 this season.

What is sad is all the griping about Hogs and Anderson. It seems like anymore it is darned if we win and darned if we lose.

And I heard this note on one of the late night sports shows. We’ve been in something like 9 or 10 one possession games this season, and we’ve won all but one of them.

On the one hand, the glass half empty view of that is that we’re a whisker away from having a .500 (or below) record. But I chose to look at the positive - this team seems to know how to win down the stretch. It’s a flawed team - not one that I’d expect to contend for the Final Four. And the 15-20 point losses underscore that fact. Still, we’ve had many teams in recent years that, under similar circumstances, WOULD be 10-10 or even 8-12 instead of 14-6.

There’s a lot of value in knowing how to win the close ones.

So I just watched the game replay on SECNET. Guess what, we won this time too. I wasn’t sure from some of the post I read. Not counting Barford and Macon who were outstanding, we had some others that really helped the cause…Beard-a lot want to dis Beard but the kid, on a bad ankle, played one heck of a game. Thompson and Thomas-looking at the box score it doesn’t look like it but they did a pretty god job on Georgia’s supper star. Hall-this kid will be a real force before he is done. The game is slowing down for him. His shot is coming and his D is pretty good. He may be the fixer on D before season is over. Whats up with Jones’s shot? Looked like he was trying to break the backboard on a couple of them. It is always fun when we win. Enjoy.

Not to beat a dead horse, but some of you guys aren’t reading what people are saying. Nobody “dissed” Beard. I haven’t read a single post where anyone has said he’s a bad player or said he doesn’t play hard. My criticism has been strictly on his shot selection and others have pointed out he gambles a lot on defense. Both are valid criticism IMO with no malice intent. Just bugs me that people keep saying people Beard is getting picked on, no he’s not.

And to get back to the OP Dudley made. Team is doing very well. If you told me to end January we’d have a top 25 RPI, 19 SOS, and 3 top 50 wins (including two top 15 wins). I would have took it in a heartbeat.

Yes they do/have. I could go back and look them up but don’t care to. There have been some that said his minutes should be going to someone else because he is not worthy. You must be one of them because you certainly get defensive about it when it is brought up.

You’re the one that brought him up in the thread. You obviously made that comment to try to take a slick jab at people that have been criticizing him, because the OP had nothing to do with Beard. I was just telling you I haven’t seen anyone “diss” him and I read this board every day. And as far as your minutes comment. I think Beard, Barford, and Macon’s minutes all need to go down. Coach Anderson has said that at nearly every press conference that he’s gotta get their minutes down. So, I’m not sure how saying something that coach has said is a considered a diss.

My pet peeve is just people that are way too sensitive. I’m one of the biggest defenders of coach Anderson and all of the players, everybody knows that. I’m a guy that was defending Beard during the funny money situation when people were saying actual personal stuff about him and wanting him kicked off the team. Criticizing shot selections, defensive rotations, and anything related to the basketball game should be fair play without people getting their feelings hurt because somebody said something that wasn’t completely positive about their favorite player.

Seems to me that you are the only one getting their feelings hurt.

Have you guys not met yet?
He is the decider of when it is appropriate to be negative or not.
Criticize Mike or anything Mike does and you are an uninformed “hater”.
Players, however, appear to be fair game.
It is interesting for sure.

Watch out, though…
He will soon be sifting through your post count and content (he might not even let facts get in the way) to determine your eligibility to form an opinion of any sort. Lol.

(That one ought to really get him going!)

I’m staying out of this one. :smiley:

My feelings aren’t hurt. I just disagree with your assessment of Beard. And, I disagree that your criticism is valid. I just see it differently. He is short though!

It’s not valid to criticize the shot selection of the person that has the lowest shooting percentage on the team? LOL. That’s like saying it’s not a valid to criticize the studying habits of the person that has the lowest grades in the class. Just because someone works hard doesn’t mean they are above criticism. EVERY SINGLE PLAYER on the team has something they need to work on. Beard need to work on better shot selection, statistics show that, apparently pointing that out offends about a hand full of you guys, and I have no idea why.

Sad part is looks like his shot has improved and he is making the ones he is supposed to shoot. But dude throws up some garbage in the lane. He should stay out of the paint on offense and defense.

I didn’t say it’s not valid to criticize. I said I don’t think your criticism isn’t valid. Big difference.

What are you talking about? You specifically said my criticism of Beard shot selection is not valid. Just because you don’t agree with it, doesn’t mean it’s not valid. Numbers don’t lie. Also, if you’re going to try to tell somebody the difference in something, may want to make sure you type it out correctly, I had to re-read what you said a few times to figure out what you meant.

And this is my last post in any regard to Beard, it’s not that serious. I just noticed him taking some really low percentage shots, looked at his shooting percentage, and wanted to share my thoughts on his shot selection. Because I thought that’s how message board discussions work. Some of you guys took that like I was attacking his manhood. I assure you guys no malice intent was intended in my posts, anybody that talks to me regularly on this board knows that. And if you could please call off the ABFC (Anton Beard Fan Community). I’m honestly tired of hearing you guys making him out to be some kind of a victim in every other thread.

Pretty good but IMO a lot of more work to do.

POINT: once you get to that magic double digit in losses you’re chances of making a significant run in the dance really hit the tank.
10+ losses puts you in the Cinderella category. Fun team to watch though…

I am glad we won, but there is no reason why we can’t debate improvements. We have to change up the scheme on defense and get better in the half court offense so we can survive against the good teams. Okie State could expose us again this year with the good passing and floor spacing to negate our trapping defense to free up easy open shooters.

I question the Beard bashing. Beard is the closest thing we have to a point guard and he is doing pretty good for a guy that is not a true point guard. Beard, Barford and Macon are tired because the scheme or system that is supposed to wear other teams down will actually wear you down if you don’t have the bench. CJ and Hall were playing a lot in non-conference so we could rest our 3 SR Guards. CJ is a defensive liability in SEC play and especially if he isn’t hitting shots. CJ hasn’t been able to play enough minutes and Hall isn’t able to cover for the loss of CJ’s minutes.

Some of us get tired of you talking about his shot like he makes decisions differently than the rest of the team. That’s simply not true. He’s not as good of a shooter as others and therefore his % is lower. But tape wise, his % of wild shots is equal to Barford, Macon, and Jones.

I’ve said all along that if you want to criticize he shoots too much then fine, but to criticize his shot selection simply isn’t fair if you aren’t going to do the same for the other players.

But, as another poster pointed out, his FG% and FT% have improved this year.

I agree but I’m pretty sure mike has asked this team to attack the basket and getvto the line and he’s our second best FT on the team. I think he’s trying to get those calls and when he doesn’t he looks awful. Same for Macon and Barford. They are just better finishers and their crazy, wild decision usually falls in the hoop.