For all of you

50 and above. I highly recommend getting checked. I’ve sent this to several friends 50 & older. With Leach passing, I thought it would be good to post.

I would imagine you can find a hospital or clinic in your area that provides the same service. A regular checkup can’t see the insides of your heart and any possible blockage.

Bazzel knows a person who did this at Baptist and they instantly took the person back for surgery and obviously saved the person’s life.

Get checked.


I get a 6 month checkup with my cardiologist and take my medication daily.


I also see my cardiologist every 6 mos. The sure fire way to see blockage is w an angiogram. The stress tests can possibly see some blockage.

Leach from what I understand had pneumonia and fluid around heart and in lungs. Had a massive heart attack/stroke and went unattended for 15 to 20 minutes before emt’s were called.

Lost my wife suddenly 2 years ago. When the good Lord calls you home nothing can stop death.


Sorry about your loss @razorwill. My brother in law (brother from another mother) lost his wife last week (60 years marriage). My best friend lost his wife (unexpectedly (massive heart attack) October 2021 (married 49 yeas). I cannot imagine.

I use a doctor out of the Heart Hospital in Little Rock. Dr. flaherty. Fine man and he will take the time to talk to you! Also on another area of concern Little Rock Urology for all your concerns in that area.
Regular blood work is how I found out I had cancer! I’m lucky and blessed.


Thx for condolences. Was a very hard lonely time. 36 yrs together. Holidays are the hardest but I know for certain she is healed, happy, and joyous. That is a great comfort to me.


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