The way it was meant to be played. Check out bengals at buffalo.

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It looks more like a hockey rink than a football field!

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I took one look at that field and fixed myself a large hot chocolate.


Bengal tigers apparently better skaters than bison. If this trend continues, I bet that place empties quickly.

That’s a good idea Marty!

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Love to watch a game played in the snow


As a Chiefs fan, I’m torn. I would like to see the Chiefs play at home, but the Bengals seem to have kryptonite when playing the Chiefs.


Like to watch a game in the snow as well. Never liked to play in the extreme cold! Felt like my hands would break off.

My last HS game was at elkins…in snow. I thought my fingers were going to be frostbitten. We won though i have no memory of how.

I never got to play a game in the snow but I think I would have liked it.

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I hear you brother! 45-60 degrees was ideal playing weather to me.

Bengals just moving up and down the field. 21-7

Cincinnati is no stranger to cold weather(they’re expecting three to six inches of snow there today) so this is not a big hurdle for them to jump and they look like they’re playing in the backyard. Not skipping a beat

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Under review!!

Wow! Im surprised they overturned that call


I’m with you, Marty. As a Chiefs fan, the Bengals scare the hell outta me…especially with Patrick having a gimpy wheel.


Burrows is outplaying Allan, likes its his home field. Hes an Ohio boy, so he very likely has experience with football on a snow covered field.

Yeah this weather is no problem for Cincinnati whatsoever,they’re used to this.

Cincinnati OL well is kicking Buffalo’s butt. Best for this game is being won. Where most of them are won.