Has anybody heard anything about our recruitment of Netori Johnson or any other big defensive lineman? Another question is whatever happened to Mataio Soli? He doesn’t seem to be able to gain enough weight to play defensive end so could he possibly become an aggressive Linebacker?

Soli played in nine games and made five tackles, so it’s not like he never got on the field. Is he fast enough to play linebacker? I don’t know. You can gain weight with lifting and nutrition, but it’s hard to get that much faster if you aren’t naturally fast.

He also played with a cast again for much of the year as he managed to break a hand or wrist again.

Last I heard they were going hard on Johnson.

I think Netori Johnson is the key for the defensive line along with the new Williams kid. And thanks on the information on Soli. I thought when he was in HS he had a great spurt of speed at the defensive end so that’s why I thought he might have LB speed and aggressiveness.

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