Is Bumper Pool hurt? Maybe I missed something, but I haven’t heard his name mentioned at all.

I think people (some on this board) are assuming that folks like Bumper and maybe others not practicing could possibly be under Covid quarantine. We will probably never know. Either way, we need Bumper healthy foremost. Secondly, playing LB’er for the Hogs. That position needs some fortification.

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Thanks for your thoughts hawgjawbend. I hope that this is the case as we definitely need Bumper.

We have a few that are missing, the vast majority from being quarantined. What you don’t know is if it’s from being positive, or being in contact with someone who was. It’s going to be an issue all year, as Pittman has said, you’re one play/test/contact from being the next guy.

Better coach ‘em all as never before.

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Coaches and the school can’t tell us bc of HIPPA. But I’ve always been curious how they can tell us about a kid with a shoulder or knee?

I think the players have to sign releases for injury info to be disclosed, and I’ve noticed in recent years that schools are less willing to disclose injury info, whether because of HIPAA or not letting the next opponent know someone is dinged up. Probably a little of both. The NFL requires injury reports because of gambling; knowing Patrick Mahomes wasn’t going to play when it wasn’t public info would be a huge betting advantage,

Gotcha Swine. I figured a release or something like it would be in play on this. Also agree with the betting affect.

They don’t tell injuries because the coaches don’t want to tell injuries. They are paranoid about giving up info that would give opponent An advantage. They may cite HIPAA but that’s not the reason they don’t talk about injuries. Petrino told me, “I’m not going to talk about injuries and no one can make me.” That is true in the SEC.

I’m sure different people can interpret it differently, but I don’t think HIPAA applies to coaches, even though some might cite it as a reason for not discussing injuries or illnesses. HIPAA, as I understand it, prevents team doctors and trainers from discussing an athlete’s condition unless the athlete OKs them to do so.

Don’t know about coaches but employers can’t discuss medical issues about employees per HIPAA guidelines. At least that is how the company I worked for said.

Didn’t notice Stromburg in the projected line for 1st or 2nd team in today’s feature story. Covid ?

Stromberg will be out there for first play against Georgia.


Hopefully for the 2nd, 3rd… 4th and remainder of plays as well.

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