Football weights

I don’t think the roster weights that we talked about last week are representative of where the team is at now. In fact, I know that to be the case.

I’ve said all along that roster weights on the school website are right twice a year, at the end of July and in March. I reminded myself of that today when I did a few interviews for our football magazine.

The weights on the roster page are from the end of the winter conditioning program, in early March. The players were weighed just ahead of what would have been the start of spring drills, just before the Covid-19 shutdown. So those weights are a solid three months old.

Case in point, I talked to Mataio Soli today. He’s anywhere between 248 and 250. He said, “I’m 250 on my heavy days.” He gained 12-15 pounds (depending on his day to day weigh ins) in the last three months. He was weighed at 235 just before they went home with the Covid-19 shutdown. But he had been 238 on some days.

I will say that some weights are probably right. Trey Knox told me he’s at 205. He said it doesn’t matter how many calories he puts in, he can’t gain weight. He said he’s done it all right and it doesn’t matter. His metabolism is just way high. He can drink all of the protein shakes that have ever been created and eat everything else, too. He just doesn’t get heavier.

Matt talked to Myron Cunningham. He’s at 315. That’s Myron not Matt. Not sure what Matt’s weight is right now. I know he’s on an exercise kick, so I figure he’s shedding pounds. Myron said every member of the O-line weighed over 300 when they returned this week.

So you can check all those weights off as wrong on the roster page.

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Wow 15 lbs in three months is a lot, not a whole lot of training going on if he did that. Sounds like Cunningham didn’t either I think he was around 295 when he left or maybe 300. But they got plenty of time to get back in the groove

I’m chuckling a little at your thought they must not have worked out. Junior Soli is a high school DL coach and worked out with Mataio every day. Mataio’s sister Skylar is 4-sport athlete and took him for daily runs. He’s in shape.

I sure hope he is but if he put on 15 pounds of muscle in 3 Months he needs to sell that recipe to the rest of the world.You even mentioned he was a small in the waist guy may be hard to gain weight.

He had been up to 240 this winter. You tend to worry. I get it. It’s not a big jump at all. If he had stayed at 235, that probably would have worried you, too. :slight_smile:

Nope wouldn’t bother me at all… I just have never have seen a player gain 10-15 pounds of muscle in 3 months. That usually takes a year of very hard work. He went 220 to 240 and it took him well over a year. But if he’s in shape like you say it is he’s going to be a force to be reckoned with :slightly_smiling_face:

Just because he gained weight does not mean it is all muscle.

Some discussions never seem to die:
Good weight versus bad weight.
Height, is it with shoes on or off?
Speed: How is it measured and how fast is fast??

These are all interesting, but I am still stuck on: If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

That was exactly was my point. .To put on 15 pounds in 3 months you are eating a lot of food, but Clay says he’s been running everyday, would seem almost impossible to do but he did. Will be interesting to see what he weighs when the season starts, that will be the weight he thinks he can play best at.

Youda, I put on 15 pounds of table muscle over the last few months. :frowning:

Yeah I heard that🙂 but in all seriousness hey they may have told him to be heavier this yr and if that is he case he’s off to a good start.,his dad is a coach and am sure he is where he supposed to be it just surprised me.
I have to remember Sam Pittman’s our coach now and he expects men to be grown men on the LOS.

I’m with you on that.

How’s the shoulder coming coming along?

The recipe is out there. It’s called trenbolone lol

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Shoulder feels good , probably about 90%. I’m glad the Gyms are back open, I can start to work it out and get some Strentgh back in it, thanks for asking.

I am trying to reason but it’s hard sometimes. He’s been anywhere from 235 to 240 this winter. And he’s anywhere from 248 to 250 now.

How you want to digest that is fair game. But I really don’t think he’s going the wrong way. His dad is a great player, one of our best. He’s been a noted DL coach at one of the great Georgia high school programs.

This going to turn out well.

I would assume some that weight comes back off as it may for most of the players once they start full steam ahead in July - August or whenever it starts in the late summer months.

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