Football Tickets won't be in your account until week of Rice Game

I was just talking with my ticket-share buddy about games this fall, and decided to see if the tickets in my account were available for transfer yet.

They are not.

So, I called the Ticket office to find out when they would be, and was told that it would be the Monday before the Rice game…maybe the Friday before that.

Just an FYI for others looking for that info…and someone always is this time of year.

Any idea why they are waiting?

Also, one of the enticements of ordering early were two complimentary tickets.

Anybody know when we will get info (such as seat locations) on that?

To your first question, no answer was given to me.

But it may have something to do with your second point (quoted above)…they are probably waiting on last minute sales as long as they can before determining what tickets they have left to give away in that promotion.

Also, could be a Covid-contingency, though I think they are going to press forward since we have the vaccine this season. Even though too many (IMO) are not taking advantage of it, at least it is there to be taken…and it obviously wasn’t last year.

No big hurry, it’s all digital so you’ll have your tickets with you, as long as you have your phone on you!

I figure nerves because of Covid. I always think sooner is better than later. But I’m familiar with mailing magazines and dealing with the post office. This is a new day when tickets are not “in the mail” and that’s a great thing.

I did get my parking tags in the mail yesterday …

So I have not bought tickets in years till this year. No paper tickets I assume. How will I access my electronic tickets and can they be printed since I am letting my brother use half of them.

We didn’t do football last year, but in basketball, tickets were all digital. You couldn’t print them. You had to transfer them digitally as well. You probably want to call the ticket office. They can tell you how to transfer the digital tickets.

Thank you

I was initially told that tickets would be available about 2.5 weeks before the first game. I guess they are punting on that.

Load the Arkansas Game Day app to your phone, you should have an account number from buying the tickets and just log in to your account and find the tickets. To transfer them, it’s on there and self explanatory. I’m sure they’ll send out an email with the step by step process like last year. If you have big problems with it, call the ticket office and they will print your tickets off, or did for some last year.

Thanks for the info. I was going to ask the same question philhog asked. The last time I had season tickets it was still all paper. I didn’t realize until today that it wouldn’t be paper.

I gather from something said in this thread that the parking pass will be paper. We did not get our yesterday. I will be on the lookout for it.

Yep, you now get a parking pass for every game, been that way for awhile. They just started mailing them over the weekend.

My first year for season tickets. When I’ve bought single game tickets, they e-mail them to me. I download them to google pay and save them there. Are you saying they will not e-mail the season tickets to me? I will go to my account to see them? Do all six games show up in my account., or do they show up individually a week or so before each game. Can I download them to my google pay to save them? Or do they have to remain in my account? I assume they will have instructions how to transfer them and display them at the stadium on game day. I did get my parking passes yesterday.

Yes, there will be an email, but if you have the Game Day app, it already has your games in it, and the number of tickets for each. The message says they’ll be there 48 hours before the game, but they’ll be there before. Last year was the first to have all digital tickets and when they sent out our 5 home game season tickets, they all showed up at once.

I have the Arkansas Razorback app. I don’t find a separate app that is called “the game day app”? Is that through the foundation? I can pull up my foundation acct in my phone? Is that what you are talking about? I can see orders, and all transactions?

That makes sense. I kept seeing were people were selling tickets with a parking pass. I didn’t understand because in the “old days” it was the same pass for all the games and no one ever sold or gave away their parking pass until the last game! Good info! Thanks again.

The UA app is called GameDay. Click “More” on the bottom right of the front page and it takes you to ticket links. Looks like this:

Thanks, got it!