Football ticket delivery?

Seems in the past I’ve received an e-mail which stated season ticket packages had been sent out. Given that we’re less than 3 weeks from the first home game, surprised they’re not out yet. I sent an e-mail to the Foundation inquiring last week, but haven’t heard back yet.

Anyone else got any word?

Nothing from the foundation, but Chuck Barrett has called twice trying to get me to get the stadium seats. :slight_smile:

I got mine last week the same day I got an e-mail. UPS delivered at 11 p.m., which was bizarre.

Got mine yesterday!!!

Just got a couple of emails for my accounts that said they were out for delivery today. Big brother indeed.

I got the email last Friday and the tickets yesterday.

Hmm,. I’ve gotten neither yet.

I called the ticket office this morning. They are being sent UPS. They said I would get an e-mail a day or two ahead of the tickets. They all should be sent in a week or so.

Got an email Friday that they would be delivered today; got an update today that they won’t get here until tomorrow. At least I have a UPS tracking number.

Just got a email saying my tickets have been shipped

UPS email and tracking said they were out for delivery, around 11, I got one from the ticket office saying they had been shipped and to expect them within 2 days, lol.

Got the 2-day email at 10:36 this morning, and my tickets showed up at 10:45. Go figure.

Have the section numbers changed? For instance, is section 222 still in the SEZ? Or is it in the east outdoor club?

The best that I can tell, all of the South end zone section numbers have remained the same. Check out this post about the section renumbering: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=20094&p=141887#p141887

Me too! And, I’m selling what I don’t intend to use. See my post on ticket board.

Just got my tickets.

Thank you.

It does appear that 222 is now east outdoor club in the southeast corner, to directly answer the question. South outdoor club is now S226-S238. I didn’t really look closely at the SEZ when I made the post.