Football (soccer) question for Swine or others

I’m trying to figure out why the USMNT HAS to have a win over Iran to advance.

They both have 2 points presently and would both have 3 if they tied

Would the tiebreaker be due to the fact that Iran did win one game?

Iran beat Wales…They have Three points.

USMNT has two draws for Two points.

Oh yes of course

I was only giving 2 points for the win

Joe Namath was playing for Bear Bryant against Auburn up by four with little time left. Namath lead the team inside the red-zone and the Bear called for a running play but Joe threw a pass in the flat that was intercepted. The Auburn DB looked like he had a sure touchdown going the other way when Joe, not known for his speed, caught him on Auburn’s 20 yard line and saved the game. When asked by a reporter how he caught the faster DB, Joe said the DB was running for a touchdown but I was running for my life. Iran’s soccer team probably feels the same way.


That was when Joe’s knees were sound. Ha. Great memory. I’d forgotten that.

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