Football seating help

So, I got my tickets but I can’t find seat locations. I’ve Google but all I can find is section info

Can anyone help with a seating map? I’m in E124 row 3 seat 35-37

Appreciate the help!!

East side on the 30 yard line south side of the 50 yard line.

For some reason my screen shot wont send . Probably operator error. Anyway Google Razorback stadium seating chart.

You are right behind the Ole Miss bench. See if you can hit Kiffin with a mustard bottle.


Always remember the bathrooms are usually heated.

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Click on the image to enlarge it.

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If you are trying to post from a mobile device, the image may be too large. (I posted from my laptop.) I created a post with instructions about resizing large images:

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Thank you very much. I live in an area on Stockton lake without Internet so all my links are via phone. I basically had what you posted but could not get it to process. And by the way, my wife had suggested the same thing but I rejected her suggestion. Lol

You’ll descend from the ramp to get to your seat, then have to climb back up to leave (or go to the restroom). You’re also quite close to the field, which can be good, or not; your view could be partially blocked by people on the Flopnecks sideline.

But enjoy! Wish I was there!

I sat in 124 for many years. If you’re close enough to the student section, that can be entertaining.

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Thanks folks. I found a ton of sites with the section, I was hoping for row and seat level.

I got a much better idea of where the seats are now. Appreciate all the help

Have fun, Gentry. If we win, you have to go to all home games from now on. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And Columbia next week. :smiley:


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