Football Season Ticket Recommedations

Appreciate y’alls advice on the best value, view and game day experience for football season tickets (2 ea) with a budget of approximately $2,500 (tickets and donation). I’ve looked at the 3D map but I’ve not attended at game at RRS since 1999. Not familiar with the renovated stadium. Don’t know if $2,500 is chicken feed $$ or a reasonable budget. Will be traveling from Hawaii so the vast amount of expenses will be travel related as y’all can imagine.
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Lots of potential options, but I’d probably choose either a South or East outdoor club seating area. You should be able to get two season tickets and meet the donation level for that price. That’ll give you access to the club area for better food selection/restrooms/AC/heat, for when those occasions are needed. I’ve sat in either end zone for the past 15 years, I really like the view of watching the play develop from there.

If you do not prefer the end zone (like me), I recommend sitting on west side to avoid facing the sun in the Early season games. The heat and sun can be brutal in September.

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Sure, if you want to sit in the upper deck on the west side, or in 107 or 101 inside the 5 yard lines. The other seating would require a donation and season ticket cost above what he was wanting to spend.

Once I got used to the perspective from the South Indoor Club, I realized that it provides a great view of play development. It did take some adjustment, especially when determining the line of scrimmage and ball advancement.

I’m not a fan of the end zone view. I’ve found that my favorite view is in the Pig Heaven seats (chair back seats) between the 30s. I bought season tickets a few weeks ago, for the first time, and found 3 seats together on the 35 yard line, row 2, east side (yes the West is preferable for Sept). I checked the West side, but only set of 2 or 3 seats were inside the edge of the end zones.

In the past, I’ve purchased a few west side Pig Heaven seats on the 45 yard line (either row 1 or 2) from an individual and the only drawback is the trek up to the upper deck (if you’re patient, you can ride the east side elevator and walk around the South end zone, if your tickets are on the west side.). As far as viewing the entire play, I haven’t found better seats. And the chair seats sure beat the bleachers. I’ve sat in the lower level around the 20 yard line about half way up, and I much prefer the Pig Heaven seats.

Donation ($1,000) plus 3 seats ($1,070). 2 seats would cost you under $2,000. When I bought mine, early June, they had 2 seats on the east side between the 40s. I don’t know if they’ll still be there.

Are there TVs mounted in East Outdoor club for seats with obstructed views of the Jumbotrons?


I have not heard anyone complain of obstructed views of the Pigscreens from the east club seats. There are only eight rows in the outdoor club section and the overhang is not that low.

Good …… thanks. Bout to make the move from P Heaven to there.

In terms of the club area do the E indoor club seat holders and E outdoor club seat holders share the same club area ?

First, there are only 6 rows, and your view of the big screens are most definitely obstructed in rows 5 and 6, not sure about row 4.

It’s been about 10 years ago, but I sat in the top row on the East Outdoor Club seats and I could only see about half of the big screen from a sitting position.

You’re right, it is six rows; I was looking at the indoor club at the ticket website. You would hope that when they redid the club seats as part of the NEZ project they would have added monitors but… There are monitors in the club area of the east indoor club, where I sat for four years, I know that. I do not know if the outdoor club people were coming up to use the club area on the indoor level or not.

Yes, outdoor club seat holders have same access to the club lounge area. Just have to go up one level, as it’s actually in the same “room” as the indoor club seats. That’s were the restrooms and concessions are

That would help explain why the club lounge area was so crowded.

Ticket holders who have club seats for any area have access to all other club areas, other than the North end zone.

Got it…… thanks for all of the info

I checked with a friend who sat in the EOC. He says the upper rows are obstructed but there are monitors.

Yeah, I heard that elsewhere in this thread, lol. I had season tickets there for several years before moving them to the SOC, I wasn’t lying.

I couldn’t tell what your “yes” was in reference to.