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The value of an FCS game is more in the $350,000 to $550,000 range, but to your point, I think for many it is a matter of principle. Alcorn State might pick up that game with Nebraska, but it might not and have to settle for one against an FBS team for a much lower payday. Not every FCS school can get a game with a Power 5 team. It’s a competitive market.

The keeping the money in state argument doesn’t make as much sense as keeping the money in system. Arkansas scheduling a football game against UAPB involves a different set of circumstances than scheduling Arkansas State or UCA.

One more note on playing Alabama on Nov. 20: The only other teams Arkansas could have played that day would have been Ole Miss or Auburn.

Georgia, Mississippi State and LSU all have nonconference games scheduled that day, and as I mentioned earlier the Texas A&M and Missouri dates are locked in with the off-campus venues that host those games.

Is the A&M game definitely in Jerry world? I thought there was some talk about playing in Fayetteville for 2021 after playing in College Station in 2020.

It is in Arlington for the next four years.

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Thanks Matt! Must have missed this.

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UAPB got paid $315k for their game at the mighty University of Akron Zips in 2017 per this article from USA Today.

The same weekend, FCS’s Towson got paid $325k to travel to Power 5 Maryland.

Seems to me the UA system would benefit most by trying to pay as little as possible for opponents of UA, while at the same time negotiating for the best contract possible for UAPB. Let UA pay Alcorn State $350k while UAPB gets $400k from another school.

These are some of Arkansas’ recent FCS guarantees:

Tennessee-Martin, $500,000
Alcorn State, $575,000
Florida A&M, $750,000
Eastern Illinois, $525,000
Portland State, $550,000

I have $350,000 in my mind as the figure Arkansas paid Nicholls, but can’t find anything to verify that.

This year is the year we are supposed to play UGA on the regular SECE teams rotation. We’ve known that for 7 years now.

Arkansas SECE rotation:
2014 vs. Georgia
2015 at Tennessee
2016 vs. Florida
2017 at South Carolina
2018 vs. Vanderbilt
2019 at Kentucky
2020 vs. Tennessee
2021 at Georgia
2022 vs. South Carolina
2023 at Florida
2024 vs. Kentucky
2025 at Vanderbilt

It occurs to me that 2024 would be a good year to have a really good team because the SEC schedule sets up well. Bama, LSU, OM and Kentucky at home, don’t have to go to College Station (last year at JerryWorld), perhaps Misery in KC again. NC schedule is UAPB, Mobilehoma State, Kent State and La Tech.


If I had a choice I would rather play Bama earlier than later. They have more depth to withstand the injuries throughout the season.


Yea I just don’t have that belief. I think you hope you are playing your best ball at the end of the season and you want the best competition to prove it. I’ll never be of the position to look for an easier opportunity.

You play the schedule as it falls. Sometimes you catch a break early in the season, sometimes you catch one late in the season, sometimes you get no breaks at all. But I get Guy’s point that Bama’s depth is better suited for a long season than ours. Like Tua didn’t play against us in 2019 and it didn’t matter; Mac Jones shredded us anyway.

I’m not looking for any breaks. Just me.

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