Football recruiting -?

Any chance of any news for a commit or anything soon? Seems like a lot of schools are still managing to get guys to jump on board. We need something to get a bit of interest/momentum going. I feel like this virus is going to really hurt our recruiting, with players not coming early and being around the coaches. I hope they can figure a way to combat that

I’m wondering why my home state has scored a D on the National reort card of social distancing??? It’s much better to be safe than sorry so let’s tighten up the slack, Razorbacks! And yes, I realize this wasn’t the proper place to bring this up but it needs to be addressed everywhere.

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That’s a tough call.

Some of the guys they’re in good shape with are QB Kaidon Salter, RB Caleb Berry,
WR Ketron Jackson, WR Jaedon Wilson, TE Erin Outley, OL Cole Carson, RB Javion Hunt and CB Dreyden Norwood.

All of them have visited. If a commitment was to come I think it would come from that list.

I assume you’re talking 2021 class.

Right 2021.

Hopefully we get some of them sooner than later.

Crazy times. No idea how this class plays out especially if there are no visits allowed this summer and possibly in the fall.

One of the big advantages that Arkansas has will be lost if there is no way to get recruits on campus.

But the point is that many (most every) team has multiple commits - why are we sitting in this god-forsaken quarantine with only 1!!

If you have hundreds of players that your coaches have been recruiting for two years and they have been on your campus 3-4 times and those recruits live close to your campus, you might have more commitments at this point.

No question, proximity to campus helps recruiting. Long-standing relationships help early commitments, too.

That’s my view as to why the commitment list might be greater at one school than another.

Two others in the west with a new HC are Miss. St. & Ole Miss with four & three. Arkansas is playing catch up like Clay is saying.

Bama only has one. That’s a surprise there but that won’t last.

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