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So how many on our current squad who are playing regularly were walk-ons or are currently walk-ons?

On offense in the two deep, it’s Blake Kern, Ty Clary (not a current starter) and Tyson Morris. On defense, it’s Grant Morgan, Hayden Henry, Hudson Clark and Simeon Blair. Clark has not started a game this year, but did last year. Blair has two starts this year when Hogs opened in dime. Henry has seven career starts.

Clary has the most career starts on the roster with 36.

Tell me todays rules about walk ons.

Back when the total number of scholarships was larger than today, anyone listed as a walk on who got into any game counted as a scholarship and one of the allowable numbers.

But once upon a time the total number allowed for scholarships was well over a hundred and I believe like 55 new allowed yearly.

But with todays 25/85 if is that is still the numbers, it is obviously harder to add names to the scholarship roster.

My question is, what are the present rules about walk ons getting into a game.

My understanding is that walk-on game participation does not impact scholarship numbers where the kid is only playing one sport.

I think there is still a rule in place where you can’t put a kid who is on scholarship in another sport in a football uniform and then say he’s a walk-on. If that kid plays in a game then he counts against the football scholarship limit.

Clark is playing a pretty decent number of snaps. Watching the games live I can’t tell if he is in more to give the starters a breather or as a situational guy in certain coverage packages.

I remember when Bear Bryant at Alabama just happened to have several minor sports players who happened to also play football. They made a rule to prevent that by making a two sport player count against Football, if he played say golf and football.

Both, I think.

As I recall, Clary started as a walk on, true freshman.

Has that ever happened before in high D1? I doubt it.

I do not recall many true freshman walkons starting their first game, especially as a lineman.

At the time, there was mention of the last to do it Arkansas. It had been awhile.

Bob, that rule applies to scholarship athletes, not walk-ons. Bear and others were stashing defensive tackles on “swimming” scholarships. But walk-ons are not affected.

There is also a pecking order of sports. A scholarship football player can also play basketball, but Devo couldn’t go out for football unless he counted against Sam’s 85. And a track athlete can’t play basketball, which got Mike Conley Sr. back in the day.

Yes, I think I remember the rule change was nicknamed the “Bear Bryant

Was Blake Kern a walk on?


Yup. I went back and stuck him in.

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