Football recruiting question

I try to keep up with football recruiting somewhat, but not nearly as much as many on here.

Is Bama’s 2023 recruiting class the greatest since the recruiting ranking services began? I don’t recall seeing anything like it in past seasons:

From 247 Composite:
12, 5-stars - 15, 4-stars - 1, 3-star

GA, ranked 2nd, had what I’d call an excellent class with 7, 5-stars and 15, 4-stars, and 4, 3stars, but doesn’t compare to Bama’s.

By the way, the Hogs’ 2024 class is looking like it could be one of their best. Currently, we have 7, 4-stars out of 10 commits! It’s ranked 15 currently.

12 five-stars. That’s hard to comprehend. Ouch.
UA…Campus of Champions

Which is why we get our a** kicked every year by Bama. And by many other SEC teams. But the absence of wins against Bama is pretty disappointing. Almost 20 years.

Yes, we have to play the perfect game to win……one day we will.

If so, it will be the first perfect game I’ve ever seen played by any team, at any time, in my 50 years of college football. Hope it doesn’t take that. I’ll settle for a really good game on our part and a pretty bad game on their part.


Otherwise we will have to field an overall better team of ballers. Thats less likely than your scenario, unfortunately.

We are in a long line of teams that haven’t beaten bama in 20 years.

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