Football questions

  1. Is the 3-4 defense better than the 4-3 against spread offenses. Observations: I think our defensive line played fine but you are just not going to get many sacks when the qb gets the ball out of his hands so fast. An extra man in pass defense sounds good to me. Plus you have 3 big bodies to plug up middle and a hybrid who is quicker to rush passer or play coverage. 2: why no press coverage? Watching Bama and Clemson their cb’s were much closer to wideouts than our guys were. Is this a talent thing or just the way rob smith coaches. 3: with wr being strength of offense why no 4 wr formations? Apparent Allen was sacked and hurried all night. Why don’t we do the same as the spread teams AT TIMES. 4: kickoff team coverage was horrible. Why can’t we scour the nation and find someone that can kick the ball deep. And the coverage was horrible. Whoever coaches that team needs to do something different. 5: why can’t we cover a slant pass? Looked to me the nickel or safety covering the slot was so far off receiver he had no chance. Once again is this a rob smith scheme thing? What advantage do we have in playing the wAy we do in coverage scheme wise? Announcers commented all night on soft coverage.

We play 2 teams that don’t run some form of spread offense. Bama and LSU. I beg to differ on wr speed. Most every team we play has more than adequate team speed at receiver. We watched a different game. They started from 35 and 37 yd line after 2 of our kickoffs. Where did we start. Run up the middle? 3-4 defense is stout up the middle we 3 big bodies in middle. I don’t see anyone running up the middle on Bama. What is trade off? Either let a lesser team dink us to death or stop a run up middle? Why do so many pro teams use the 3-4 vs the 4-3? We have good defensive linemen. I know we aren’t Bama. After watching them last night we might not get a first down on them much less score. One last note. Against Bama last year, 1st play of game we ran either 4 or 5 wr formation. Made 12 yds for a first down, and never went back to it.

I will disagree on LTech WR speed. Texas AM, TCU, Alabama, Ole Miss, LSU all have more speed at the WR than LT. Kavonte Turpin could be the fastest player with Christian Kirk we will see all year. Should be interesting to see how much they will be lined up in the slot against our LB, S, or nickel

It will be interesting to see how we defend TCU and TAM. It will also be interesting to watch how we defend Turpin next week. Trent Taylor was a mismatch in the slot. Coach Holtz watched a lot of Texas Tech and Texas AM film from last year and gave his 2nd string QB easy reads.

I’m a little confused on the question. I don’t think you want either the 3-4 or the 4-3. You can come up with any number of linemen and linebackers, but if they total past six, you probably don’t have enough DBs on the field. A front of five or six is the right way to go with six or five DBs.

…and gave his 2nd string QB easy reads.
[/quote]I bet he’s the starter next week, too. The young man looked very good and poised to me.

Henderson is a prime-time deep threat. Tech normally takes more shots deep than they did. I’m guessing that they didn’t want to expose their frosh backup at QB.