Football question on Blocking a FG

Penn State was going to attempt a 54 yard field goal at one point in the game finally decided it was out of his range and tried some trickery. That situation always brings up the same question but I’ve never gotten an answer.

If you know they are at the edge of their range, I know you can wait for it to be short and catch it and maybe run it back… see Auburn vs Alabama. Most times its not in your interest because you could lose a lot of field position if you don’t get back to the line of scrimmage. Still that is not my question…

Has anyone ever tried having someone back there to try and jump up and block it? The cross bar is 10 foot high and on really long FGs I seen it bounce on the bar or barely clear it. I have also seen players that can dunk the ball over the cross bar so I’m sure they have those that could jump up on a close one and maybe make a play. Would that be legal? Would it be too dangerous… like in baseball when the outfielder is catching one right at the wall and misses just a bit and bounces it over for a homerun?

Just curious if that’s legal or ever happened or ever even considered.

They are coming down from behind it. At that point the kick would be good. It does not have to land only cross. The angle is acute. The ones you block would be short?

I found an NFL answer:

Morris Stroud of the Chiefs used to do that: However, Stroud became a notable special teams player — specifically at blocking field goals. On many opponents’ field goal attempts, Stroud lined up under the goalposts and tried to deflect the ball as it came down. Later rule changes led to the adoption of Rule 12, Section 3, Article 1 (informally known as the “Stroud Rule”): “Goal tending by any player leaping up to deflect a kick as it passes above the crossbar of a goal post is prohibited. The referee could award 3 points for a palpably unfair act”.

So obviously it has happened and its now illegal. Hmm learned something today.

That’s cool research.

If you did what your suggesting. wouldn’t the ball be live in the end zone unless you control it?

That’s interesting stuff. Thanks for doing the research.

I remember Morris Stroud. One time the Chiefs were playing the Raiders and George Blanda was trying a game winning kick at the edge of his range. It cleared the crossbar by about 18 inches and Stroud’s fingertips by about 3 inches. Soon afterward the rule was changed.

Thinking about defending and blocking field goals- I wonder if Fountain or Pittman have considered using Wagner in the middle of the line like we did Skipper a few years ago.

Seems like Skipper blocked four or five over his career.

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