Football Program Scholorship Numbers?

If I understand it, there are only 18 or so slots available this season. If that is the case, we must have 57 SEC level players on schlorship plus walkons. Problem is I do not see many SEC level players playing each Saturday. Either they are not SEC level players or they are all hurt or something?
We claim to be in the SEC so why do we recruit players who are not SEC level players?

Of course, this is with some tounge in cheek sarcism, but I think the overall question is there. Why are we offering scholarships to non SEC level players. Sure, I see the need for some reaches, but a whole team full of them? If they cannot play in the SEC, they should not be on SEC scholarship. I must not understand.

That’s the bottom line problem. We do not have the talent. We are recruiting these uncommon guys, and they aren’t the athletes we need to compete. We’d be a dang good team in the MAC, where a lot of them belong. Colton Jackson should have never been offered is one that sticks out like a sore thumb, he isn’t even close to sEC level but starts every week.

We need to start recruiting football players. More athletes less mathletes.

Either way I don’t think Bret could get it done if he did have better players. He refuses to get some of his best weapons involved, I don’t think that would change.

let me ask you a question about getting players ready. Say you have a great athlete but, for whatever reason, he can’t remember his plays, or he always goes the wrong way on a play, forgets to pick up the blitz, etc. in practice, how do you trust that same athlete to perform properly in a game? As someone else has pointed out, wins and losses is all that really matters. If you can’t see someone do the task in practice, you can’t play them in the game expecting a different result.

But wait. We are supposedly beating the likes of Bama, Florida, Auburn, and other top notch programs. Yes we win a few recruiting battles each year but clearly not enough. And if we are then this staff can’t develop squat. Either way we end up losers.

I love the SNL skit done years ago about more cowbells. Which brings me to my point. We need more tight ends. Lol. Who needs linebackers or defensive or offensive linemen or safeties when you have tight ends. What, we have how many on scholarship? Need more tight ends. That’s the answer.

If Bielema and staff recruited the caliber of players needed to compete and win in the SEC, then we wouldn’t be “UNCOMMON”

While I realize that you are being sarcastic, it is a fact that this staff has landed more players with offers from the schools you mentioned than the previous staffs did.

That doesn’t mean they have had better teams as getting those players, developing them and “coaching them up” has not been to the level it needs to be.

In fact, Arkansas consensus ranking under Coach B has been 25th. Petrino 27th and Nutt 28th.

But Coach B’s average recruiting has ranked 10th in the SEC while Petrino and Nutt’s both averaged 8th.

The TEs on scholarship are Cantrell, O’Grady, Patton, Kraus, Gragg and redshirting Grayson Gunter.

Six doesn’t seem like too many to me in a offense when 2 are on the field a lot.

OL - There are 14 scholarship, 7 other walk on

DL - 11 scholaship ones

LBs - There are 12 scholarship linebackers - now for 4 spots

S - 8

without doing the math, from a percentage standpoint, we have a higher percentage of tight ends than offensive linemen, you start 5 of those, and defensive linemen, we now start 3 of those, linebacker we have 4 of those. get my drift? i think its more development than anything else, however we have quite a few misses at all positions as i am sure all teams do.

which brings up the question, you recruit a kid, misevaluation or he just doesn’t pan out for our offense or defense, why not encourage them to transfer so they get playing time rather than sitting on the bench. i understand it is a harsh world out there, but reality is if a kid really wants to play football he will usually transfer. that way we wouldn’t be stuck with low scholarship numbers like we will have this year and from what i read next. That would free up numbers for immediate help jucos, or high schoolers you can bring in for development. I am pretty certain once a coach gets his position kids on the field he can tell fairly early if down the road they might be a contributor.

just seems like a lot of tight ends to me. wonder how many other teams carry that many tight ends. of course one of our best recruiters is the tight end coach. wish we had that problem on offensive and defensive lines…

i would imagine the spread teams don’t carry nearly that much. i will look at the Bama and Lsu roster since they run somewhat more conventional offenses and see how many they carry.

which brings up another point. If a kid is not going to contribute, and i would imagine a coach early on can tell if a kid is going to be a player down the road, why not encourage them to look elsewhere for playing time. if a kid really wants to PLAY football, and sees no hope of playing on current team, i would think they would gladly transfer in an effort to get playing time. That would free up numbers each year to sign jucos that might offer immediate help, or transfers, or sign high schoolers, until you find a team of those that the coaches think have a high probability of getting significant playing time down the road. happens at all the schools that we see in the top 25 polls i imagine. i know it does at Bama. here we are desperate and we have limited scholarships to give.

Alabama has 11 TEs on its roster.

LSU has 6

He has encouraged some of his players to find a new spot to play.

But you can;t do that as much as you once did back in the day because of the APR.

Recruiting doesn’t appear to be the key issue. Get a team ready to play and motivate them is the issue! You can play with energy and enthusiam when your ahead but the first time things goes South from a turnover or a bad call they put their heads down. That’s when coaches need to do their job!
Coaching players up is the way Arkansas wins period end of story. I don’t want to hear about talent! I want to see some heart and fight in a football team!
I can’t take getting beat what I can’t tolerate is blowing games we should win!