Football practice reports


Just asking, have their been any Spring Football practice reports since the second practice? There is a scrimmage this Saturday which leads me to believe they’ve been practicing but I have missed the reports. Appreciate an update…if possible.




Thank-you DD, Tom and Scottie for the football updates! Awesome!


Some notes from the open viewing periods we got yesterday:

• Hudson Clark gave a hype speech in front of the team between the end of the team stretch and practice getting started. He got the guys ready to roll. They were into it.

• I watched the defensive side of the field most. Jermial Ashley was working with his guys on getting off the ball and redirecting toward the play. Marcus Miller and Taurean Carter looked good to me, and Miller absolutely looks the part. Toward the end of the hour I was out there, he and a couple offensive linemen were getting super competitive and a little mouthy with each other. Those 1-on-1 and 2-on-1 battles were fun to watch.

• Arkansas worked a drill I hadn’t seen before. There were three stations set up inside the red zone:

Group 1 had a quarterback and running back set up behind a RT and RG. On the other side of the ball was a DE and LB. The QB handed off to the RB and guys went at it.

Group 2 had a QB and RB behind a LG, C and RG, and a DE and DT were on the line and two LBs set up behind them. This was fun to watch.

Group 3 had a QB and RB behind a LT and TE, and a DE was on the line with a LB behind him. The competition was a lot of fun to take in.

Luke Jones had several great reps, and Ty’Kieast Crawford put a linebacker on his back twice. This is where Miller played really, really well, I thought. Isaiah Nichols looked powerful as well.

• Enoch Jackson recovered a fumble and returned it for a TD, Malik Hornsby hit Blake Kern for a big gain down the seam, and Dominique Johnson and T.J. Hammonds each had long runs.


How is J Catalon, doing? I haven’t heard anything about him.

Catalon is the leader on the defense. He looked awesome the day I was there. But he didn’t get to hit since they were not wearing pads. There was no viewing session Saturday with no pads. I’m going Saturday.

Mentioned the other day Lucas Coley was impressing. Also hearing walkon QB Kade Renfo is standing out too. The QB competition looks to be as good as its been in a long time.

This football team is improving so much.

What we have at QB is really something!
WR… I think is as good as anyone in the West.
RB… Speed son!
OL… is coming on strong…
TE… Can HH stay healthy? He could be all SEC!
DL… can Williams be that JUCO stud? Can Soli and Williams be scorpions? Can Bubba Miller develop ? Can Gearld stay healthy and be the man? I love Eric G!
LBer… our two starters are as good as anyone! Can we develop depth?
DBs … need to solidify the CB opposite Brown, but in my opinion the strongest and deepest position group we have on D.
Special teams… can we play our backups and not fall off? Can the freshman kicker be nails?

Going to be fun!


Hard not to be excited, especially with our coaching staff added to this bunch of players.

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