Football offers!!

I’m going through some of the kids that were offering and checking out their huldl and I can see that Morris is offering kids that can flat out play. One of my favorite quotes that he uses during film breakdown is when a kid gets one on one with the ball" “That’s when recruiting takes place” and he is smack right on that one. I really think, if we can get 6 to 7 wins next year, he is going to awake that sleeping giant…

This. I cant remember (maybe I don’t want to) BB’s Staff ever being in on so many great recruits. Bret averaged what, 2-3 4 stars a year? One here and there - CM doesn’t appear to be afraid to swing for the fence. Cant wait to see what the 2019 class looks like…

The old staff did. Petrino did and Coach Morris and his staff will.

Offering, and being “in on” are two different things. However , you can’t sign them if you don’t offer.

Yeah, exactly I remember looking at some of the recruits that we were going after of with the old staff and it was between us and schools like Tulsa, Ark-state and some high quality D-II school and I was saying to myself this is not going to work out for long. I believe the old staff focus on players that fit the scheme, and it didn’t matter what ranking you were, but it seems like the new staff is focusing on both, but if Morris wins he will be able to get stars and scheme in one pot…

I agree, I really like what I see in the players being offered. However, I also believe that there are players that are on the current roster that will be “awakened” by the new staff as well. Maybe not. There are some very good skill players on the current roster that were offered by big programs. I am concerned by the lineman on both sides. We need big, athletic and nasty men that want to dominate the guy in front of them. I keep hearing hints that we need better conditioning too. I agree that 7 wins are possible.

Richard, Matt, Dudley. Just sitting here and wondering what CCM was thinking as ( I assume ) he watched the game last night. I wonder how he was evaluating his current roster and recruiting prospects vs the Dogs and Tide players? Who do we have in our group that would make the two deep for either of those two teams? Scares me!

Very few would make the two deep is the answer.

Sosa, demon Harris, and maybe Brandon Martin if he is utilized the way he should.

Other than that I don’t think anyone else would.

Pulley and Cam are solid corners, but they aren’t Bama corners. Their Defensive backs are so fun to watch.

I dream of the day arkansas has a safety atleast half as good as some of theirs. I’m also used to watching pathetic safety play for the past 5-6 years.

Guys that would have a shot of the two-deep at Bama- DeJon Harris, Jordan Jones, Hayden, Froholdt, Martin, O’Grady, Cantrell, Pulley and Curl.

Thanks Richard