Football notes

I watched most of football practice. It was not in full pads so hard to know too much.

But I will say punter Max Fletcher is the real deal, albeit a skinny one. He put them end over end in the corner from about 55 out.

Watched with James Shibest, retired to Hot Springs after coaching special teams at Memphis and Virginia Tech. He had a great Australian punter at Memphis. He called Fletcher a real weapon freaks that Frank Ragnow says Pittman finds.

I’ll have more from Shibest later. He is the guest of Sam Pittman for a couple of days. He and Sam go back to Kansas JC days.

I watched a lot of Luke Jones at left tackle. He did fine. Not much you can tell for sure without full contact.

But, I really like E’Marion Harris, Andrew Chamblee and Devon Manuel. I believe Cody Kennedy will figure out a left tackle out of that bunch. If Luke Jones does not do well, one of those will take that spot and may not give it back. They are impressive.

Malik Hornsby worked at wide receiver and quarterback. Nothing spectacular in either spots that I saw. But as Shibest (an old WR) said, “You need that speed on the field somewhere.”


Clay, how is the DL looking physically?

I was not on their end for a close enough inspection to really answer. I stayed with offense or special teams. There is improved size in DL. I will watch them when I go back next week.

The second offensive line is massive. Henderson, at center, isn’t that big, maybe 280. But the others are what Pittman has always featured at about every stop in his career, freakish size. This is the way they lined up, left to righ: Devon Manuel, Jalen St. John, Marcus Henderson, E’Marion Harris, Ty’Kieast Crawford. If one of the starters stumbles this spring, it might be that one of these backups steps in and never looks back. (I say that for every position except center; Ricky Stromberg is an anchor there).


That bodes well for our Hogs.

That would be a massive group take Henderson out and they probably average 350! Will definitely be time to play bully ball with that group

I knew it wouldn’t take long for Coach Pittman to build depth on the OL.
On short yardage the hogs will be able to run any time they get ready. It’s a luxury to be able to line up and just run the ball down the opponents throat even when they know it’s coming!


Goodness…now I feel very, very old.

Time for the Networks to dust off their mandatory graphic from every Arkansas game broadcast circa 2015…"Arkansas has the largest OL in all of football…college or NFL"…

Yep they wore that phrase out for

I like it better when they say it’s the best not just largest.


Amen to that Clay. Takes a lot more than size to be a great OL.

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