Football luncheon

Today was the annual football luncheon at Holiday Inn Convention Center in Springdale. It was a full house, as usual.

There really wasn’t anything newsworthy that came out of today; most of it was a regurgitation of what we’ve heard from coaches and players throughout the preseason and have reported here.

But there was one line during Bret Bielema’s comments toward the end of luncheon that made the crowd happy. He mentioned multiple times in a short span that there are two teams he has not beaten from the SEC West - Texas A&M and Alabama. Paraphrasing, he said:

“I know there are two teams from our division that we haven’t beaten since I’ve been here. I know you all know it. Our players know it…I didn’t come here just to coach in the SEC. I came here to win in the SEC.”

Bielema also said he thinks home games in Fayetteville will be louder this season because of the new structure being built on the north end.

“Our players can tell it is louder in there already. It’s up to you (the fans) to make it 10 times louder. I can’t wait to get TCU to our place and then I can’t wait to get Texas A&M after a bye week. We’ve had a lot of success with our bye-week preparation since I’ve been here.”