Football luncheon

I just got back from the football luncheon a little while ago. There really isn’t anything newsworthy to report from it, other than to list a couple of notables, Stephen Jones and Sen. John Boozman, who were in attendance. I saw T.J. Hammonds walking through the crowd with a little bit of a limp. Dalton Wagner was also in attendance.

The loudest ovations that I can recall came when John Chavis said Arkansas was the most engaged fan base he had been a part of, or something to that effect. Another loud cheer came during the Q and A at the end when Chad Morris was asked about leaving SMU for Arkansas. He said he “would have walked backward to Fayetteville” because of the potential he saw in the job.

At the outset of the Q and A, Morris said he had no update on the quarterback competition, which caused some raised hands to go down. He said that he is hosting a former letterman’s barbecue tomorrow in which more than 500 former players have committed to attending.

That trumps Eddie Sutton saying he would have crawled to Lexington for the Kentucky job.

That was the quote that immediately came to my mind.

That’s because, Eddie most likely wasn’t in the condition to walk.