Football is dead. This is the hoops hype thread

The sky is falling in football…well, maybe it fell a long time ago.

We’re less than a week out, so let’s get excited about basketball, which actually could be at the beginning of something. We’ll see about Muss, but I’m more confident he’ll be a good one than several other hires we’ve made over the years. Really seems like he gets it. And guess what - we’re actually going to run some plays!

A recent video the hogs tweeted had Muss screaming at the players - “Im not going to have a guy sitting up in the middle of the stands saying we don’t play hard! I won’t do it!!”

Sign me up.

I also think we’ve got some talent. Isaiah Joe is now routinely ranked as an early 2nd round pick in 2020 mock drafts. We’ll see how much help he can get.

Lastly, if we can get off to a decent start, I think hog fans will unleash their pent up energy and the Bud will rock once again.

Please chime in with your optimism.

I’m not sold on the team this year. Undersized. They also seem to live and die by the three. Even Joe has the tendency to be on fire in the first half and ice cold the second. Now, when they get some of these 2020 kids mixed in with the transfers and returning players (next year) I think we may see some very good things.

Oops, sorry not very optimistic

You’re really killing the vibe.

We’ll be better than we should be. Chaney is much improved as is Bailey. We will be small but have good guards in Joe, Jones, Sills, Whitt and Harris. The juco transfer will give us some time at the forward spot. Musselman will turn this program into something special.

Don’t get too up or down until about January 20th. Until these guys play about 15 games with this staff it will be hard to get an accurate handle on just how well it could go this year. Starting means a lot more now than under MA, and it may take a while to figure out the full five and the two or three reserves who will be in the regular rotation.

I do not disagree that Muss is onto something, just not as optimistic about this year. I think size will be a factor against us this year and for us next year.

I LOVE BASKETBALL! But don’t be surprised if our team doesn’t do that well this season. We’ve got talent to make some noise, but not having a true big man will hurt.

I’m optimistic that the basketball team will have a better winning percentage than the football team this season.

Seriously though, the biggest difference between the basketball and football programs right now is “HOPE”. CCM has made it grammatically incorrect for the word “hope” to be used in the same sentence with the word “football”. Unless, of course, it is preceded by the word “no”.

I don’t know how many wins to expect this season, but I do expect to see us improve during the season. I believe we have a shot at winning enough in the middle and end of the season to have a decent shot at the Big Dance. I believe we have a very good shot at the NIT, and think we can make a lot of noise there if we don’t make the NCAA tourney.

I know I’m really excited about this upcoming basketball season!

Oh, and I “hope” we beat UALR Sunday. I know I’ll be there to see if it happens. I’m mulling over coming up Saturday, going to the football game and staying over in Fayetteville. But, the only reason I’m coming to Fayetteville is to see the basketball game.

Guys, guys. We have a program here that really might be in the right track.

We don’t have to get to the elite 8 this season. I think we will be able to watch games and see competence.

And I can’t wait.

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I agree with you on this

If they don’t, there maybe a lot of people looking for jobs: AD, HC, staffs, BOT members

Did you get my message?

Don’t see one

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By actually running plays and playing hard, I am thinking we should go from a winning percentage of 65% to at least 80%. :grinning:

25 wins a year? Hmmmmmm…You sure that isn’t setting the bar a tad high

Actually, if you assume 2 wins in the SEC tourney and the NCAA tourney, it’s 28 wins.

I’m pretty sure PJ is still looking for the sarcasm smiley. I think it’s a shot at all those saying we lost because Mike didn’t run plays and all the comments after a bad loss that we didn’t play hard enough.

Didn’t notice who posted, but you’re probably correct

Thanks for pointing that out. I meant to add the smiley.

Too me, size is a relative thing. In the National Championship game Tariq Owens was 6’10". Everyone else on TTech was 6’7" or smaller. On Virginia, Mamadi Diakite was 6’9". Everyone else on Virginia was 6"7" or smaller.

Please understand that I am not equating any of our talent with those of Tech or Virginia, but both those coaches found ways to win without a true center or a great deal of size.

I agree with your observation. However, Chaney is not even 6-9 and that is what probably worries people. But to your point, we may not be overwhelmed by size as much as fans fear. The way we played without Gifford against providence and Indiana in the NIT last year, bodes well for this year,