"Football in its Natural State"

One of the other neat notes that came out of today’s coaching clinic was the program’s ‘Football in its Natural State’ slogan and its meaning. I think Arkansas’ creative team knocked it out of the park with this. It appeals so much to this state, obviously, and how the football team is a central focus for so many here.

Here’s what Chad Morris said about it today:

"I’m giving (Assistant Director of Football Video/Creative Media) Brooks (Cockrell) all the credit for that. Our recruiting department and our social media department, I challenge them weekly. They have what we call Think Tank meetings and they’ll set it up and they’ll throw anything at the wall. Something may stick.

"I want them to think outside the box. I challenge every group, but this group in particular because we’ve got to be so active and we’ve got to be so creative … Cody Vincent was another big part of it … Brooks came to me, and Brooks is from Arkansas, and everything you see now has the state outline on it for us. Now he may win a Nobel Peace Prize for that one. (laughs) I said, ‘This is brilliant.’ I had nothing to do with that. That was all those guys.

“That’s who we are, and speaking to recruits, what is the Natural State? What does it mean to be Football in its Natural State? We all know Arkansas in its natural state. It is the Natural State, but what is Football in its Natural State? That goes back to how we develop young men as a person, as a student and a player.”

I love this.

Diamond Bear Brewing in North Little Rock has a slogan “Beer in its Natural State”, and that’s worked pretty well for them.

The Keep Arkansas Beautiful Commission has been running a radio spot recently along the lines of, “Keep Arkansas in its natural state.”