Football commitments to come

Hey Richard- We have been getting a lot of visits from quality guys, especially from TX which is great to see. CCM and staff seemingly are doing all the right things to at least get these guys interested and on campus, but as of late…all of the sites seem to be pretty quiet in regard to who is likely to commit or may have silently already committed. Are you hearing anything, especially in the linebacker area? Also- Starkel is about to hit campus. How likely is it that he takes over as the number 1 QB?


Starkel truly believes he is going to be the starting quarterback for two years here and that’s the way he should think.

Butler County CC juco linebacker Juwan Mitchell, who visited Arkansas this past weekend and is a 2019 guy would play this upcoming season, is a Minnesota commit and slated to visit Texas this weekend.

Thanks Dudley. I heard he was really impressed with his visit. Do you think he will end up coming here or is it still to early to say?

Here’s some guys I believe could commit at some point.

TE Brandon Frazier
OT Garrett Hayes
WR Savion Williams
OL Chris Morris
RB Kelvontay Dixon
WR Ja’Lynn Polk
S Jerrin Thompson
OLB Catrell Wallace
LB Martavius French
LB Bryson Eason
WR Collin Sullivan

A lot of good players on that list. Are you thinking that Blaine Toll goes elsewhere?

:shock: Now that’s a list to be excited about.

Arkansas has some work to do here. I was told after his OU visit that he was probably leaning there. If he does wait until Aug to make a decision that could give Arkansas a better chance.

That’s a good list, would be awesome

That’s a fantastic list RD and one I would take any day of the week!

Maybe I am reading to much into it but just seems like he is still bothered by the fact we didn’t offer until earlier this year as he still mentions it. I guess I get it but I guess I don’t as I know it is an evaluation process by the staff but it’s not like it was a month or so before signing day. It was a year and month before signing day. Oh well, guess it is just me but I somewhat scratch my head on it a bit.

Well, you called one of these. Williams was a great pick up. Can’t wait to see if the rest of these come through. Would love to get some of these LBs

I’ve always got that from him as well. Here was his quote when I brought it up to him after got offered:

“It means a lot,” Toll said. “It’s just finally having my home state behind me. It really makes me proud.”

I’m still puzzled why we can’t get a sniff from ANY of the 4/5 star RB’s we offered. Not one. But CCM says we run the ball. Obviously it’s not being translated that way. That’s the key to this offense along with QB play. It’s not a good look that we can’t get a big time RB. We used to be RBU.

Also, the top player in the state going to OU again is bad for us as well.

I just don’t see BToll as a good (fit) athlete here. Too slow to play TE, and too slow for speed edge DE. Great athlete…but I think he’ll have to gain weight and play DT or Strong DE.

Seriously, if you have to be pampered on your time frame, then you aren’t looking at the big picture. If he goes to OU, then good for him. It’s a good school with great history. but he isn’t a player that stands out to me as a must have.

Just my opinion so that means nothing in reality

He measured 6-6 and weighed 244 while also running a 4.88 at the Dallas Regional. His rating was second best of all the DL at the event.

I don’t pretend to know anything about recruiting and frequently have to look up recruits mentioned here because I’ve never heard of them. But I did watch Hazen in the state 3A final against Junction City and Toll did not stand out to me even at that level of competition.

I know he did sir, but that is not impressive to me compared to other athletes I see. Plus, his game film doesn’t impresses me either. Similar to the WR at Ole Miss who has great measurements but can’t shake a DB from his shadow and drops .33 passes thrown to him. He was still a 2nd round pick, but I don’t see BT being that great of a player in our system.

That’s all. He’ll probably prove me wrong and I’m ok with that…but I just am not impressed.

You can’t miss on in state guys like toll. When other schools much better than us want him, so should we.

Jrdent is spot on. You just can’t miss on in state talent like that. We only have 2-3 players a year.

But yet we give schollies to kids who don’t get offers from those same teams we lose in state players to. We offer kids who pick between us, Illinois and Kansas. Players that we already have a ton of. Sweet!

Good morning. It’s a beautiful day.