Football & basketball visitors

Is MBake an unofficial?


I wish Walsh could have made an unofficial since Nick will be here.


Mbake will arrive at 930 Saturday morning. He plans to make an official visit later this year.

Just added '23 ESPN 4-star PG Jeremiah Johnson- Oklahoma City North Putnam City to the list for Sunday.

Added a few more football kids.

Don’t give up on that, Harley…

Yeah, Maybe he’ll also make the Sunday Red-White game.

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Just added three visitors for women’s hoops.

This Marshall kid, was he the junior high kid from Jonesboro that I heard about a couple years ago. Junior high phenom.

Added three of the four TE commitments to the list of visitors.

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I bet it will. Just watched a YouTube interview with Walsh from a few hours ago, and he said he will be here Sunday.

Just added 2024 LB target to the list.

Trey Wilson left DFW area at 4 am to be at the game

Naeten Mitchell hit the road around 1 am to get to the game.

Sam hung out with Anthony Brown and Jaylen Lewis at the Red-White game. Very good visit. He’s in the process of setting up his OV to the Hill.

Arkansas definitely helped themselves this weekend.

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He looks like an SEC linebacker.

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