Foot injury

Over the past few years it seems ever time I look at the injury report it’s a broken foot. Hatcher, hollister, walker, (some multiple times) im sure there has been others as well. But now Alexy Baptiste. Does this trend point toward the turf? I know that turf is so advanced these days and grass like, but I know it doesn’t have that natural give that regular grass and soil has. I’m wondering if the stress and pressure from the weight of the body and the less forgiving turf is causing these foot fractures. I’m no podiatrist but have been wondering if there is a correlation for some time.


I have no idea, but some have speculated it is the shoes. Again, no idea.

If you think the turf is unforgiving now, you should have seen the concrete they played on in RRS from about 1969 until they put grass back in. Literally hard as a rock. Yet they didn’t have a lot of foot injuries. Or maybe they did but they weren’t diagnosed. Anyway I don’t buy the turf as a cause. Current turf is a lot more forgiving than the original stuff.

The injury was on the grass. They have been in the stadium on Saturday practices, but on the grass for the Tuesday and Thursday practices.

I talked to trainer Matt Summers at pro day. The issue a couple of years ago was a particular shoe that Nike was sending that the players loved because it was light. It had a narrow sole plate. Turns out, that the shoe was being used across the nation and the results were similar, although it was probably difficult to find that information out from Nike. The Hogs quit using that shoe and the foot injuries have decreased. Summers thinks the shoes they are wearing now are very good. So I don’t think this was a shoe issue.

Until I hear different, I will continue to think it is the weight training that is extremely tough on ankles and feet. Our bodies are bigger than ever which is enough stress on it’s own, but lifting insane amounts of weight like we see in the lifting hype videos puts WAY too much strain on the feet. 500+ lbs lifts are not good for the feet.

The injuries have not happened in weight training. I don’t understand your thoughts. They are happening on the field of play. FYI, both my wife and daughter have broken their fifth metatarsal in the last six months. Doctors have told them it’s just a common break. Both were wearing running shoes that were very light. Not much protection in that area. Same type of deal. Shoes are made to be light. Not support that area of the foot. So lots of folks breaking that bone.

I broke mine in High school doing “Steps” on the bleachers in conditioning. I know a lot of people that have broken bones in their feet. One person did it simply stepping off of a curb but most of the times it was some type of athletic endeavor.

My wife broke hers stepping off a curve. Basically, her ankle rolled and the fifth metatarsal snapped. She was in a boot for three months, but did not need surgery. Sarah has not been so lucky. She just finished four months in a boot. It has not healed. She goes back to the doctor this afternoon and the belief is that he’s going to prescribe surgery and pin it. Our experiences from my family led me to talk to Matt and he shared quite a lot about what they have learned about breaks of the fifth metatarsal, more than I figured he’d share. But not one probably has happened in the weight room. Sarah will probably not like that I am sharing her issue. She broke her foot doing box jumps in the gym. Why? I guess because she can. Why does a third-grade teacher do box jumps? She has been asked that by X-ray techs, doctors and everyone else over the past four months. She isn’t doing any more box jumps. Her foot rolled when she landed. And, it refuses to heal correctly.