Fooball Scoop - could Hogs next coach come from Loser-yanna?

Maybe so, would he even want to step into a program that is at rock bottom? Would it be just for the $$$.

There are some similarities between Coach Fritz and Coach Richardson. Both of them won at all levels. I think he would fit in good.

I’ve been advocating for Fritz for a week now…well, almost a week…

Please, no.

6-4 right now, likely to finish the season with 2 more losses. 6-6, best year at Tulane is 7-6.

Has a losing record FBS record.

We can try and talk ourselves into how bad Tulane was when he got there and how he’s turned it around. Sounds a whole lot like our previous coach, and how we talked ourselves into that.

Hire a coach with a winning FBS record, with actual good seasons under his belt, not mediocre, barely bowl eligible.

You conveniently leave out his GA southern record.

Didn’t know he coached there, doesn’t change my stance.

It was a good program when he got there, coming off 3 10 win seasons in 4 years. He had back to back 9 win seasons.

Still not impressing me. Don’t want him. I live in NOLA, he’s a good coach, but he belongs at Tulane. Nothing to suggest he’s ready to bite off the SEC. he needs to have high level success in the AAC first.

Big difference between winning 9 games against teams with 80 scholly players when you have 65.

As of 2014, they were officially FBS, and could have 80 scholarship players?

2014 was their transition year into the FBS from FCS…

Which was official in January, plenty of time to add scholarship players to their roster/recruiting class.

I get your point. They probably didn’t have 80.

Either way, they did just fine. I’m not knocking Fritz. He’s a good coach. But there is nothing to suggest he’s ready for the SEC. his best season in a much better conference is 7-6, AAC. Sure Tulane was a mess, so was SMU. I don’t want to go back down that road

If we hire another AAC coach, it better be the best coach in that conference. And that’s not fritz. It’s Norvell

Morris had 3 years of head coaching experience, Fritz has 27. Huge difference.

27, only 5 in FBS. Not a huge difference.
FCS is a whole different ballgame, as well as his Juco days, not even close.

Like I said, he’s a good coach, but, he hasn’t shown enough at the FBS level to hire. Specifically in the AAC, which is as close as it gets to Power 5 in the group of 5, a very good conference.