Following the Hogs on The Danube

Last night was interesting and frustrating. We were docked on a Viking ship in Budapest. The game started at 9:30 PM. I listened to it, sort of, on the Razorback App. Would lose steam about every 3 or so min. To get it back, I had to close it down and come all the way back for another 3-4 minutes. Often lost connection on 3rd down or something play. Got really good at it! Will be one of those games will always remember!

Oh yes, I recommend Viking. They do a great job


We’ve taken 11 Viking cruises and love them. I’ve followed many Razorback games over the years while trying to find the best wi-fi on the ship, often in the wee hours of the morning, depending on game time and where in the world we happened to be. Their wi-fi isn’t the best, so I only streamed games one or two times. It was just easier to follow play-by-play and imagine the visual in my brain. Enjoy that cruise. We went from Budapest to Bucharest a few years ago. It was amazing to witness all the former communist countries that were once enemies of the U.S. Now, they all want to be in NATO and the EU. The former Yugoslavia wasn’t in the Warsaw Pact, but might was well have been. High unemployment continues to hold them back, 30 years since the “wall” came down.

Last night was last night. Travelling today. We came down from Passau. Week trip. This is 3rd on Viking. Great as always

Any casino on those boats?

Viking does not have casinos

They promote that fact

Duly noted. I don’t follow them closely.


10 years ago my wife got me into craps on a cruise ship. Haven’t played since but I Ioved it!

We’re taking that cruise from Budapest to Passau in December. (My wife wants to go the Christmas markets.) Then spending 3 days in Salzburg. Glad to see you recommend it. We did the Rhine about 5 years ago but were on AMA Waterways, but that was in May. Not sure how I’m gonna enjoy a December trip. I am buying winter clothes

They were putting up the lights in Vienna this week, but they were not sure they could turn them on due to lack of energy.

They turned off the lights in Budapest at 11 due to it.

For sure, Viking will take care of you

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We did also make the Rhine trip, in Jun 2019, but with Gate1 Travel. Very enjoyable—lotsa cathedrals , castles, and war and Roman influences.

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Gonna do Amsterdam to Budapest next August.

If COVID cooperates. Were supposed to do it in 2020

We just got home from a Viking cruise on the St Lawrence. We arrived in New York and flew home the same day. We both had the latest bivalent vaccine. My wife now has COVID. She has minor symptoms. We also know 2 other couples who were on cruises that came home with COVID. The husband of one had to be hospitalized.

Cruises are fun, but you are more likely to get COVID on one. So be as safe as possible.

Amsterdam to Budapest? Wow. That’s quite a trip. How are you getting from the Rhine to the Danube? Are you taking the Rhine-Main-Danube canal?

It’s a 15 day cruise

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Beware the Krampus! Don’t make eye contact.

I was in Lisbon trying to follow via internet radio. Got kicked off the first station from NW Arkansas after 10 minutes. I got a message that the station wasn’t authorized in Portugal. After a few minutes, I found a good link to a Little Rock station to finish the game. I followed the stats on ESPN gamecast. I did the Viking Basel to Amsterdam cruise with an extended stay in Lucerne this April. I give Viking very high marks.

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Thanks for the heads up. I’ll do my best.

Jim deserves a good trip after hauling me around the mountains on Pam’s horse.

I called him Thursday about 7 pm central time. He answered the phone. And sounded kind of in the fog.

It was middle of the night early in his trip on Danube. I apologized. He said he wasn’t sleeping great as he figured out time switch. The signal was not great and we did not talk long.

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