Follow up on prayer request from a few weeks ago

I just wanted to thank anyone who took the time to pray for my father a few weeks ago. I was told originally that it wasn’t a stroke, “just” a fall. Well, as soon as I talked to him on the phone I knew it was a stoke. It was. When I first got to the hospital I honestly thought he would never get out of bed again. It was bad. But I am so happy to report that he is now home and while not back to his old self, if doing 1,000% better than I ever dreamed.

I believe prayer makes a difference, thank you.

Clay, I hope your father in law is doing better as well.

Good news all the way around. Mr. Ashcraft is home and doing well. He’s had home care come in to help with his wounds and is doing good for an 88-year-old. Things heal slowly.

They have made some changes in his living arrangement. There is a chair in the shower. He’s using it. He’s walking on the sidewalk under supervision of a physical therapist.

It’s clear how much he’s loved and is known in the community. Everyone who has come to the house in the health profession knew him very well. And, he’s had lots of visitors. It’s a steady stream of friends and family coming to see him.

He teaches what he calls the “old man’s Bible study” at First Baptist DeWitt. Those men have been around a lot.

His health is not 100 percent yet but he’s regained some strength. A member of the family is rotating so he has someone there. He isn’t happy that anyone has to stay with him. The doctor thinks he’ll be on hiw own soon, so he’ll be happy about that.