Folks this is not going to change

Until administration changes it.

Basketball is a beautiful game when played soundly.

Our game is beautiful in fleeting, elusive moments, interspersed with periods of making me want to puke.

Oh my

totally agree! we had a SR team and looked like HS team out there! i have seen enough,this style will not get us where we want.too many wide open shots and easy trash baskets.over and over again…get to where I hate watching it…gets me Mad and I don’t like to do that but can’t help it.sad part were stuck with it I think he successful just enough to keep his job

Frank Broyles is not around anymore so we probably cannot hire anyone that is better without hiring some unproven young coach and no one want to take that risk.

We are doomed to mediocrity because people are scared to tell Mike to make changes. We have 5-10 posters that brow beat everyone that says ANY thing critical about Anderson. The same 5-10 posters blame the players for all of the problems and NEVER admit that the defense and offense do not work ALL the time in today’s basketball. The same 5-10 are a hair trigger away from an excuse for their sacred cow coach. This blind fanship leads to downward trending program so we better hope the new players are good enough to overcome the weak coaching next year.

what people are “scared” to. the posters you referenced here are most likely no more going to have the opportunity to tell him anything, than any other random fan - excepting perhaps DD, and its certainly not his place to do that anyway.

I agree if your point is that CMA is not likely going anywhere, but imo I don’t think people are afraid of offending coach - they just to this point like him as the coach, better than the perceived options. And as long as he’s the coach, “people” who have the authority are not going to tell him how to do it.

Oh lord I have no desire for those 5-10 to have any input with the coach because of the judgement I have witnessed from them. Mike doesn’t have to leave, he just has to make a change in style and use this crap in small doses in the future.

Did you happen to notice that Auburn used the same style to win the SEC this season? There never has been and never will be only one flavor of defense that works.

Yes and they had the guard depth and talent to play the style. We do not. Mike played this crap as the one flavor of defense until the last few weeks.

The system and Mike are sacred cows to apologists, and it is startling to see apologists blame the players for the symptoms of a system that should be in very limited use. There is no reason why Mike can’t adapt and use trapping man as well as other defenses depending on the opponent. I laugh at the apologists’ tactic that instantly frame the discussion that critics want Mike fired. They make it an all or nothing scenario to diffuse the posts.

3 SR guards and a lottery pick center yet Mike couldn’t put the guys in a position to succeed. I think we have reached the ceiling of Mike Anderson if he will not adapt. He continues to use the trapping man with switches and pressing or the motion offense that really doesn’t appear to have many set plays if forced to play half court. The good teams with good guards make us look terrible just by swinging the ball from one side of the defense to the other. Our trapping man and switches are so predictable that every team runs their big outside of the 3 pt line to get him switched on to one of our guards.

Florida, AU, WVU, UK, etc are fast paced without giving up all the open 3s, leaving the lane open or not rebounding because your bigs are on the perimeter in a switch while Macon or Jones are getting abused covering a 4 or 5 in the paint. Mizzou’s Cuonzo used our trapping man against us when we left their bigs free or in mismatches in the paint. If their bigs couldn’t make it they could pass out to wide open 3 as a result of our trapping man defense.

Risk what? Getting embarrassed by Butler?

Today’s HS players weren’t even born for 6 years after our 94 Championship. By the time they were born, the prestige that was developed from the 70’s to the 90’s was clouded at best. Later there were storm clouds and threats of tanks in the streets. This program was mentioned with Duke, UNC and Kansas in the 90’s, but NOW we have become a has been program. We looked good in the SEC during the SEC’s recent down cycle, but this year’s conference improvement shows where we will be for the next 2-3 years. We have to look real hard at the fans that want to say we should be happy with the current state of the program. Those same fans tie the whole story into drama of losing Mike and that we can’t do better. They will bring up the ghosts of Altman, Heath and Pelfrey. They will talk about how great MIKE is but not allow you to acknowledge that Mike has stabilized the program enough that we CAN hire a good coach again. Those fans are either young enough that they don’t remember the 70s, 80s, and 90s OR they like Mike more than the program.