Folks, let's revisit this in two years...

You can’t win the Kentucky Derby riding a donkey. You can’t judge CCM until he gets his guys. Honestly, I believe he just needs to get a QB to run his offense. He’s the first coach to come in and not have a decent QB on the roster. I can’t count the two freshmen, but those other two just don’t have it.

I absolutely believe and have full confidence, that CCM can raise our talent level up to North TX and COST levels in 2 years.

You can’t but you can be prepared and organized and competent. Bielema had to be fired but with essentially the same team he could have made a bowl last year with a play here or there against a much tougher schedule. This team is probably going to win 1 game and be non competitive in doing so.

There’s zero excuse for what we saw today. The chief Bielema hater (not you) is banging that talent drum for all it’s worth and ignoring the complete and total disaster that was put out there today.

The roster didn’t burn another timeout because of multiple identical numbers. The roster didn’t give up a fake fair catch PR TD. The roster dusbr call a flea flicker when we hadn’t run the ball at all. The roster didn’t stick with a QB that threw more passes that looked designed to go to the other team or 30 yards of grass. The roster didn’t put a kickoff team on the field that gave up 2 pre-snap penalties on 3 total kickoffs.

The talent is bad—especially on offense. And Bielema deserves that blame. But anyone who watched that cluster and blames Bielema is more worried about being right than anything else.

I expected us to be bad. But, I can’t stomach a complete uncompetitive, uninspired clown show.

The scary thing is we fired a HC who failed mainly because e couldn’t finish and made questionable decisions on game day and replaced him with a guy who so far has put out teams that never start, much less finish and make and staff that has already made some of the most mind-numbing game-day decisions I’ve seen at any level of football, much have less the SEC.

Hopefully by the end of the year we will run plays without having 2 players with the same number. Maybe it’d the math guy in him. He loves multiple jersey numbers.

This guy was supposed to change it with great innovation and preparedness and other worldly recruiting.

To date, we have seen no innovation. We’ve seen a complete lack of preparedness. And Beat Bryant and Bill Bellichick couldn’t recruit off of 4 wins followed by one win with relatively little national relevance, modern sinning tradition and an SEC full of programs with equal or better amounts of all of those things.

I can’t judge him until he gets his type players. I not counting the freshmen QB’s but the other two guys dont add up to equal a half of a QB.

My mind says you’re right - but I admit
It was a shock to see this team so inept and quit

They quit