Foley and the UA

thought DD said he wasn’t?

Yeah, I think that prediction is pretty safe. Geno makes $2M plus, we’re not going to pay even half of that (maybe not even a third), and why would he leave a dynasty where he doesn’t recruit, he selects, and he’s working on consecutive NC #5 and a 107-game win streak. Nope, Geno ain’t going anywhere.

Definitely didn’t say that.

What I did say was there were rumors of a big buyout and that Arkansas would have to pay that to get him

That Vic was apparently interested in it as well.

The one thing I wouldn’t do is hire an assistant or head coach that hasn’t done it on this level.

I get that Foley has won at Arkansas Tech and at UALR, but at UALR, unlike Tech, he hasn’t just blown the doors off the competition. I don’t follow UALR, and I know he has one the conference a lot, but he isn’t getting them to the Sweet 16 or Round of 8 (that I recall).

Again, I don’t follow UALR so I could be wrong.

Your probably right, but he’s taken them to the dance more than our program. In addition, he doesn’t get the best recruits but he gets the most out of the talent that he’s got. His teams play hard and are usually in contention for the conference championship.

He’s also playing in the Sun Belt, which RPI rates as the 21st-best women’s conference (SEC is #2 behind the Pac-12). It’s a lot easier to win a conference like that than to finish in the top half of the SEC. And winning a bad league = NCAA bid.

got it…my bad…misunderstood

Arkansas has has a longstanding policy of hiring coaches with previous HC experience in all sports. Jimmy was an exception and that didn’t work out very well, did it? I think they should go back to that. Christy Smith does have one year of HC experience now, having coached at Incarnate Word in the Southland Conference this year. Record: 9-20. Maybe she’s not quite ready for the SEC yet…

Swine, your correct about the conference, but his teams have had success against Power 5 teams. I remember a victory over a ranked LSU team.

UALR is in the ESPN women’s bracket forecast now as an 11 seed. It is slightly possible they could get an at-large if they lose in the SBC tournament. RPI is 45. They’re a quality team, no doubt, but not SEC level. Non-conference record was 6-6, including losses to A&M, Moo U and OU that weren’t close. Lost to LSU this year too.

Thanks for the stats…begs the question…what could Foley do with a SEC level team.

Did not suggest that we should not hire a woman, just that qualified males should not be excluded because of the circumstances alluded to, since they were not gender related but politics related.

I don’t think anybody has said that only a male coach should be hired. It should be the best coach–male or female–to run the program. We should get the best for the position. Whoever the university gets deserves the support of all the fans regardless the gender.