Foley and the UA

Is there any interest at all on either side this time around with Foley and the WBB job?

There are two ex-Razorback Women’s Assistant Coaches now Head Coaches in the NCAA Tournament at Mississippi State and Washington that would probably be leading candidates. As far as mid-major coaches, I think Foley would be a leading candidate, but they will have to strike out on several proven major college Women’s Coaches to get to that level. JMVHO.

I know those names where thrown out here a couple of days ago. But who knows if they’re actually candidates?

You start at the top and work your way down. With the failure of hiring a women’s coach with no head coach experience of any kind and having never coached women, they will be shooting for a top level PROVEN women’s head coach this time. If they hire Foley, it will mean they were turned down by a lot of higher level coaches.

Foley has been a huge success at every place he’s been. Don’t discount that.

Also, don’t forget that the two most successful BB coaches, Sutton and Richardson, came from mid-majors.

You seem to be up on Foley’s history. Has Foley ever received an offer from a Power 5 school? If no, can you speculate why? I just don’t understand why he is stuck at UALR all these years.

I dunno either. I guess that’s why I asked my original question. Here’s his bio from UALR’s site.

think kansas looked at him last year for its women’s job but he withdrew his name…ualr upped his salary and don’t think his wife wanted to move

Comments: As it relates to our women basketball program it only makes since the UofA hire a woman as the next head coach of basketball program. No males especially under the present circumstances

No offense, but that’s a poor way to look at this situation. Arkansas should hire the best coach, regardless of gender.

I posted this the other day, but I have always been of the impression that Foley is a name seriously considered by the fans, not by those who actually make the hires.

Neighbors definitely is a candidate.

The present circumstances have, at least as far as was reported, nothing to do with women’s issues, but rather on the sme baseless issues that Capernica got his notoriety for.

Why would we not hire the best coach we can get, regardless of what the demographics are?

Response: no offense taken, for what I’m hearing as it relates to damage control, hiring a good female basketball coach will sidestep the lingering issues that will follow this whole mess. Another male is definitely not the answer…

Why not hire Christy Smith? She is considered to be a rising star in the assistant coach ranks. She was a great player that was on the only Final Four team in school history. What better place to prove she can be a great HC than her alma mater.

Comments: hey I have no skin in this game, The school Administrator and search committee I’m sure will do what they feel is best for the U A & women basketball program. Why is there this thought the best coach for that position is a male? If my memory serves me correctly the SEC’s number one women’s basketball program this year is USC who just so happen to have a woman coach as their leader. Also within the SEC since retired UT’s women coach have won more NCAA titles than any male coach. Listen all that has transpired within the ladies basketball program this pass season dictates a fresh start as oppose to applying a bandaid…

I think eliminating half of the coaching ranks before looking at their resumes would be, at worse, discrimination and, at best, not smart. I understand your thinking and definitely believe hiring a good current female head coach or up-and-coming assistant is not a bad idea. But I’d say the same about a good male coach like Coach Neighbors or Coach Schaeffer.

We passed up on Bill Self when Chancellor White decreed we had to have a black coach to succeed Nolan. Terrible mistake. Funny thing was, we could’ve had Mike Anderson at the time and passed on him, too.

I still have not seen anything that suggests Foley is interested in the UA job, or that Jeff Long has any interest in him. If either one is the case, fine. I don’t pretend to know who is the best coach, male or female, to head our program. Maybe its Mike Neighbors or Vic Schaefer or Karen Aston, or someone nobody has mentioned. Or maybe it is Joe Foley. If he wants it. So I’ll just sit back and see what happens. I’m pretty sure it’s not Geno Auriemma though…

Really going out on the limb there, Swine, right? lol!