Focusing on the prize!

I hope the guys stay focused on the prize for this Super!
Not implying they won’t, it’s just SC is going to be a tough out! Just don’t want to give them any more momentum and confidence coming into Baum Stadium.
I think it is especially imperative that we win this first game. Get in their head and put the pressure on them.
Between Blaine and Casey, we should win this best of three. Don’t want to have to go to a game three.

I agree with you about wanting to win the first 2 games and end it! The mo train can get heavy. Don’t give your opponent a sniff of hope keep them grounded

I wondered last night in watching Ole Miss play if they didn’t lose a little focus when news of their pitcher being selected in the first round hit. They were hugging him and congratulating him. I’m sure it’s a delicate balance.

True saying in baseball is that Mo last until the pitchers are announced for the next game. Throw strikes, catch the ball. simple as that.