Focused Sills kicks off March with a bang

Wrote on Desi Sills’ big night at South Carolina, his career 3-point shooting numbers in March and staying mentally ready to make an impact:

It would be interesting to try to quantify streakiness. Some guys are 2-5 every game. Other guys are 0-5 3 games in a row and then 5-5 then next night. Could look at the standard deviation of shooting % on a game to game basis. Desi has got to have the most variability in his 3 point % of anyone in a long time.

If history repeats itself Desi may go on another streak like his freshmen season when he was just made almost everything headed into the SEC tourney. He makes the hogs dangerous when he is able to play and score! Who do you leave open when there’s 5 players capable of making shots on the floor? The driving lanes will be open!!! Dunks and layups.

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