Flythrough animation of RRS NEZ expansion

Password to view is “neveryield2018”. Pretty cool.

That is going to be a beautiful addition.

Impresses me . . . but I’m easy.

Wow! Beautiful and first class all the way! If that doesn’t get you fired up, check your pulse.

I will be interested to see how they do on selling those field level loge boxes. The game view there may not be real great when the action is on the south side of the field.

Otherwise, the whole thing looks impressive, with plenty of goodies to tempt the targeted affluent fans to buy up the new premium spaces.

That visibility from the field level boxes doesn’t seem to be a huge concern. Jerry got rid of all his field level boxes. I noticed the new stadium in Atlanta has them as well behind the end zones.

And to be honest the view is not great from the Red Zone sections in the South End Zone now. I sat there for several years; when the play was at the north end you really couldn’t see very well. Which I guess is one reason for the PigScreen at either end.

My son-in-law is a lawyer in Dallas and his firm has a box at field level near the 10 yard line. He says the view is horrible because all of the players and workers block your view of 3/4 of the field but nobody cares since they are socializing and watching the game on the big and little screens. He says only when the ball is on their end of the field is it a really cool view of the field.

That is a very complete and professional presentation. I am guessing they spent six figures easily getting that done so well. You can see it is totally focused on selling those boxes to the high rollers and is probably a very good investment.

One thing about the loge boxes, they all have TV screens in them (maybe even two screens). If you look back at the video, you can briefly see the screens. From the level of the boxes, I would think that they will need the screens.

It is my understanding that there is only 1 suite left as of 2 days ago. I also believe there are about 3 or 4 endzone boxes left.

The stadium looks awesome, the parking lot is sad. My stepdad has parked in the pit since the 60’s and we have tailgated along the far east row since the early 90’s. I really hope the tailgating setup is going to be much better than what is depicted in the video.

Has anybody heard what those loge boxes are going to cost?

16,000.00 per year for a 4 seat loge box.

The video was selling the stadium not the tailgating.