Flying the Flag

We have a place on Grand Lake in Oklahoma. During the summer we go pretty much every weekend. There are not a lot of nice places to eat, but we have discovered a real gem in The Grand Lake Public House. Although not luxurious, the food is truly exceptional, on a par with many of the best fine restaurants I have visited. I recommend it highly if you are ever in Grove, OK.

The first time we went, I noted a large Kansas flag by the bar. Beside it was a Wichita State, OSU, LSU, Kansas State, and OU flag. I told the chef/owner he needed an Arkansas flag. He said he would hang it if I brought it. I was happy to oblige.


Good job, Scott!

Should have bought a bigger flag. :wink:

Oh I would have!
But I was told explicitly the flag had to be the same size as the others

They might get alot of new flags very soon. Might need atlas to see where some of these places are like Starkvegas Grove, Train in Columbia, Columbia in Mo, etc.

Tell us the name of the place you like to eat.

It’s in the original post

Grand Lake Public House

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