Fly on the wall....

Yeahp, the more you drag something like this out, the more damage is done.

Should’ve been fired after Va Tech game, looking back.

You are correct that this year he has “failed on his job” if his job is evaluated solely by the win/loss record. The powers that be will evaluate the causes of that failure and make a decision. I do not have a personal attachment to Bret. With three games to go, I do not think that the “method for relieving this good man of his current job” is a subject that many on this message board know anything about. There are a lot of factors that go into firing a coach, even more than payout money.

Let the season play out.

I am a very distanced and certainly discouraged outsider. It is my perception there is no way that BB behavior communicates a great devotion to AR. Yes, he senses he has crossed over the point of salvation with not much other than canned politically correct spam to rationalize the inevitable. I have never felt that he can belong anywhere but Iowa. However, Ferenz has overcome has secured his status as long as he wants it. That is the only landing place where BB would be a hit from day one and never look back IMO.

Who and where would there be reciprocal love between the program in need of a HC and BB??? No where obvious based on this year and the close of last. High point of his AR career was his eroticism post after taking downtrodden TX to the woodshed in a mid tier/low tier bowl.

The list of nice and likeable coaches with personality is LLOONg. To me it seems to be a needed character trait to occupy a multi million dollar position that is beholding to big money movers and shakers who expect coach to be able to socialize and generate great short media blurbs focused on good will, double entendre humor and self depreciating gratitude for his monetary support that is understood but not mentioned. Happens even at Vandy.

Whoever wrote we are equal to FSU is delusional. FSU recruits at a stud level and we do not, nor do we coach em up as good as the FSU staff.

I saw little splotches of the game that were greatly interrupted and have no interest in filling in the gaps from replay but I was profoundly overwhelmed by how Barrett Jones noted our lack of energy and motivation. Did I miss some Barrett Jones bias? He seems appropriately detached and SEC wise to give an informed opinion and damn he made us sound like a sorry collection of football players and coaches.

What is up with with all that if BB is a players coach?? Is that not one of his recruiting points of emphasis? should they have not played out of their head and left it all on the field since coach BB was under under the gun? That team response, if correct, is an indictment of his effect on his players. There are LOTS of Wisconians running around Vandy and in my department who are quite dismissive of the link between Badgers winning and Bret being responsible. I have not noticed any faithful famous alums under his charge rallying to his cause.

Brett has skill at feeding us his propaganda and expecting us to buy it. To me he actually seems a lot arrogant and not fitting in as an Arkansan. Unless he is the HC, he would be allegorically perceived as a carpetbagger type.

Timing is everything and he can be judged successful because he will be financially secure if he is dismissed which will probably be fine with he and his family when they wait their next destination in 2018 or 2019.

I can just give an entirely personal gestalt impression, but I don’t think BB seems like a coach that I can enjoy or endorse as the face of the AR program. Because information is so limited, there is not much way I could be otherwise convinced other than to judge the results generated.

There is a rumor that’s his wife is unhappy here and wants out. There are a lot of schools in her old stomping grounds of Florida that could be looking for coaches this year. What I saw yesterday was players going through the motion. It’s like they believed it was a walk-through. The coaches didn’t seem like they had any urgency either. Maybe they already know, and have told the team, they won’t be back. Maybe the kids have decided making this program look incompetent is their way of getting back at us “mean” fans.

They, and the coaches need to realize, they’re very lucky we aren’t in charge. I bet if some of the posters on here were in Long’s shoes, we wouldn’t have a football team next week, all the coaches would be gone and all the kids would no longer be on scholarship. Kind of glad they aren’t.

Actually Florida is reaping the whirlwind now from Foley’s mismanagement of that program.
Heard this discussed on Finebaum last week. Foley is the guy who hired Zook, Muschamp, and McElwain. So he is not one I would necessarily want to hold up as an example. And apparently made the environment so unpleasant they could not keep Meyer.

But I get your point about timing when it is apparent things are broken beyond repair, as our situation would seem to be.

In fairness he also hired Meyer, but your point is well taken.

I think you need to see how the next 3 games play out. If the Hogs win 2, go bowling, and win the bowl game, will you still be calling for Bielema’s head? I wonder if the Hogs manage to win 9 games next year under Bilema, will you still be calling for him to be fired?

I don’t ask those questions to be disrespectful or taunt you, I just wonder your thoughts.

Often times in the past once some of our fans stopped supporting the Coach, no number of wins would ever change their minds. Many wanted Hatfiled fired after the 1987 season. And they continued to call for him to be fired through back-to-back 10-2 seasons, Cotton Bowls and SWC Championships. it mattered not that Hatfiled was the winningest coach in UA history. It was truly surreal.

Those fans got their wish, and the Hogs went 3-8 the next season – something that had prior to that year been presumed impossible – a bad year was 6-5, 5-6 was disastrous prior to Jack Crowe. And we all know now how low the program sunk after that.

Same thing with HDN. However, his successor – well, we all remember that and how it ended.

It’s more than that. Do you actually donate to the foundation? We don’t want to just pay a buyout. There’s business involved. Numbers have to work. Firing is the easy part. Calling for his firing is easier. Work for the solution instead of wasting your time on here whining. Do something. Oh wait, you can’t. Now I understand. Lonely feller!

Since you asked I buy tickets and donate through my father’s account as he’s purchased tickets for years - buy tickets through him and pay for part of his Tush Hog contribution. Suupportingv my son’s classic soccer ( weekend tournaments) limits my ability to attend these days but I still contribute. I did attend the SC game in Columbia and have been to at least one road game every year since 1994.

I think he came in here with a plan, it didn’t work, and he made bad coaching hires, all leading to last season and this season. I also wonder if, when things began to go downhill, some businesses along Dickson St got busier, which eventually affects performance.

So if ticket sales need to go up $10 a ticket and your donation has to be doubled to pay the buyout and hire the new coach you will renew? Or just let your dad pay? It doesn’t sound like your as invested as many of us. Sorry but money is money. Like I said, calling for him to be fired is the easy part.

We’ve now reached the “Who is the better fan” portion of the program.

I don’t know how much you donate nor do I care. But the attempt to demean someone the way you are is pretty pathetic. It doesn’t matter how much someone donates in a dollar amount, they can be as invested as anyone.

I’ve been a donor for a long time, not going to boast about my amount, nor will I chastise someone for theirs. I have friends that donate, and donate big, and trust me, they are as unhappy as a lot of fans. There’s plenty of folks around the state that would find a way to come up with that double down donation if it meant Bret was headed out, no matter what they donated.

What a joke right?


I’m bowing out of this silliness :lol: But I will definitely contribute more if needed to end this clown show

Oh please. People have ripped Bielema from stem to stern (some much-deserved) and now we are gonna get snowflakey over people suggesting that some of the loudest critics may have to put their money where their mouth is when resources take a dip?

It’s the truth. A fact. Just like Bielema’s oft-quoted SEC record.

We all are going to have to pay for the next roll of the dice. Some of us are going to pay more. That’s a fact.

You can be a casual, non-paying fan and gripe all you want. It’s a free country.

But, the reality is this necessary move is going to cost $ and I don’t think it’s unreasonable to prefer that someone’s level of constant complaining be somewhat commensurate with their investment in the things that help the program compete.

Whoa Notorious, I don’t see anybody triggered here. Just a predictable outcome in a long thread. It was either that, an argument for or against games in Little Rock, or would we be better off in the Big 12.

These threads have become stale and I’m to blame as much as anyone

The point is it’s easy to say fire a coach if you aren’t paying the penalty. But yes I do believe there are good fans and bad fans. I do believe there are smart business men and poor business men. There are leaders and those that should follow. Those that should call the shots and those that should leave their mouth shut. I don’t believe how much you donate is important. But I do believe being invested is important. I don’t believe Jackson is as invested as me. Does that make him less of a fan?? No. Absolutely not. But it makes it easier for him to say fire the coach. But, I have no doubt he loves the hogs as much as I do. If that point didn’t come across then I hope this cleared that up.

Fair Enough

Well if you are a smart businessman, and as invested as you say you are, I’d say you might want to pull your investment.

There’s not a whole lot of return on investment going on right now.

However if you believe it’s time for a change, like many of us do, you’re willing to leave your money there, and watch it play out, regardless of if it costs you more.