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It would be interesting to hear the conversations JL and the BOT are having after the fiasco yesterday. I’ve been on the fence (more or less) about CBB future but yesterday’s game put me over the edge and I’m in favor of a change.

Love the guy but the product on the field is as bad as I’ve seen in over 60 years of following the Hogs closely.

I would suspect that the big donors and folks with power are putting pressure on Long and the BOT as we speak. If not they should.

Sad state of affairs. I’m all about Norvell right now.

but are badly disappointed in how this has turned out…given the teams performance, look of the stadium yesterday (and the fan apathy that has set-in) you would have to believe that Long is in search mode

I sure hope Long is in the search mode.

When good, loyal, patient fans like you and my Dad are calling for change he’s lost 90% + of the fanbase.

Jeff Long would be well served to take a page out of Florida AD’s Jeremy Foley’s playbook. He and Muschamp jointly announced with a couple of games left that Muschamp would not return the following season, but would finish things out. All the vitriol and infighting subsided, fans rallied around the kids, and Florida got on with their search. The team did not quit and in fact beat FSU in Tallahassee to finish the season.

The same thing needs to happen in Fayetteville this afternoon.

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JacksonReid, tell us the rest of the Florida story. How did it work out? Where are they now? Is Florida better off? Is Muschcamp better off?

JacksonReid, tell us the rest of the Florida story. How did it work out? Where are they now? Is Florida better off? Is Muschcamp better off?
[/quote]. Doesn’t matter cuz things cannot continue like this. Can’t give in to inertia. Hindsight is 20/20

The rest of the story is Florida hired what, in hindsight, turned out to be the wrong guy and Muschamp is doing fairly well at South Carolina including beating the Hell out of a favored Arkansas team by four touchdowns.

Obviously the next hire is the most important for the Razorback program in a long time. That said there are no guarantees. However just because there are no guarantees doesn’t mean there doesn’t need to be a change. If a critically ill patient is going to die without a blood transfusion - and may anyway - you don’t scrap the transfusion because it may not prevent the patient from passing to the great beyond.

This program is in critical condition and complete and utter laughingstock. A transfusion is needed ASAP.

The point is that you may not want to use Florida as your billboard.

Surely there are better examples. Texas? LSU? Tennessee? Ole Miss?

There are some hits like Miami, Georgia, Florida State - although they are worse than us this year, and South Carolina.

All of those schools were able to get the pick of the litter, except Ole Miss, and still only half hit.

Your stance has been abundantly clear for weeks. Florida is just not a great example to reinforce your position.

I was only using them as an example of how to handle the separation which needs to occur ASAP

What if CBB pulls an 07 HDN and wins at LSU? I would be astonished if that happened, but what then? Do you say “oh never mind just kidding”?


If the decision has already been made, this is not a bad idea. It would pull the plug on much of the nasty message board chatter, but would probably bum out those who enjoy it.

It needs to happen, it would really relieve a lot of the fans.

I agree that probably around 90% are gone, it’s pretty easy to see or was yesterday at the game.

I figure if they go ahead and make that announcement, they’d have a chance to have the stadium decently filled the rest of the year. Yesterday the attendance was pathetic, especially for homecoming, Long is all about money, don’t think he didn’t notice that as well as the game.

Something’s on the horizon.

I’m not going to disagree with you completely on this, but here is my question. I grew up in the 80’s, early 90’s. The school I went to actually let us out the first Friday of November because of deer season (then it became second). Yesterday was a good hunting type day, it’s also been stated that it was the first day of the youth hunt. Lot of dads (moms) and kids, hit the woods yesterday. Plus we were playing a 1-7 Sunbelt team. How much of that played into the “missing” fans. Was the stadium full when I was a kid? Especially, on the first day of deer season against a weak team. I’m asking because I used to listen to the games on the radio or tv, or around the campfire. Anybody on here care to share? Was it full back then? I’m willing to bet, there will be empty seats next week because of the first official day of the season and an early kickoff, not necessarily because everyone lost confidence in Bret (not saying that they didn’t lose it yesterday, the game itself was horrible).

Bet it may not have been full, but I also bet they didn’t have bags on there head and popcorn bags covering there face on national TV. Also bet they weren’t getting pushed around by 4 FR and a SO OL, backup QB etc etc

Like I said not gonna completely disagree and the game yesterday was disappointing to me. Worse game I think I’ve ever seen (but as I said, I listened to the Citadel game on the radio).

it is easy to make message boards disagreements personal.
the florida AD / Muschamp model is a very good one.

the posters “position” needs no reinforcing at this point.

it is abundantly clear that our current head coach has failed in his job.

there is little to no chance he will be retained and now is the time to begin discussing more pertinent topics such as : the method for relieving this good man of his current job

if ones personal attachment to the current head coach runs so deeply that these topics are difficult to discuss, maybe refraining from reading about them for a few weeks would be beneficial.

What should be done eventually, must be done immediately. — Jeremy Foley