If discussed elsewhere, I missed it. How do I subscribe to flosports? Ppreferably for just this one game today.

I subscribed for our men’s Europe tour. When I subscribed, I had to buy it for a month minimum. You can cancel after your game(s). They give easy instructions for cancelling. I assume you are talking about the Women’s game with Creighton. If so, the only way you can watch their 2 game San Diego Tournament just 3 days later Dec. 20-21 is with Flosports. You’ll get 3 games instead of just one game. I looked at their schedule for Dec. and they have links to those games.

Here’s a link to subscribe: It’s a little expensive, I believe I paid around $30 one time charge.


Scan through Twitch feeds… so far I’ve managed to watch every game on Flo Sports featuring the Hogs except for one game. That include the Europe trip and the games from last time Flo Sports was involved with our games.

Someone on Twitch always streams it.

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Will try to figure out what “twitch” is. Will probably just pay for flosports.

Twitch.tv: “Twitch is an interactive livestreaming service for content spanning gaming, entertainment, sports, music, and more. There’s something for everyone on Twitch.”

Basically gamers use it to stream their game playing to other players and fans, thus tech can be used to stream any video broadcast/video game to other users within twitch.

There is an app or you could enter twitch.tv in your browser to bring it up. Then use the search function to hunt through streams and snipe the game.

The old man (91 and in rough shape) is being difficult today, so I’m spending the $30 for the 3 games, he won’t have the patience for me whipping through a bunch of streams to find the game. lol

Good luck A.

PS, the twitch in red is a hyperlink to go to their site.



Thanks…I have already paid $30 for flosports :woozy_face:

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I’m about to do the same my friend, enjoy the game!!

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My two experiences with FloSports have been awful.

Baseball last February and European summer

But it was better than nothing

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Yeah, these are productions are bare bones, 2-3 technicians max (TD/Field Producer/Audio and 2 cam ops) and a fly pack with a Roland switcher, 2 active cams with ops and 1-2 stationary cameras IF we are lucky. I’m with you on the better than nothing thing too.

Trying to get air play to work but it seems like it’s been disabled by flo sports (not app, using the url, that may be my problem, will check at halftime) or I’m missing something. Will keep trying… In the meantime I’m using HDMI from iPad Pro to the HDMI2 on the tv. When doing this, it gives me a reduced screen size. ESPN app on the other hand will allow AirPlay BUT took away HDMI for fears of piracy.

Just sharing my experiences here in case someone else is pulling their out! You’re not alone! lol

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Poffenbarger is beyond doubt a good player that will be an All American in another year. She can’t hit a barn from outside today and for the last two games so she took her game inside with lay ups and rebounds. Great first half but the referees can’t seem to figure out what to call. Daniels came out and Woffenbarger went in. I hope she hasn’t reinjured her foot.

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Listening to Phil and following the live stats. I have no desire to pay for a low quality video feed. And I grew up when TV games were rare to nonexistent so listening to Phil, or Chuck, is fine with me.

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Watched the game with flosports with only 3-4 very short video interruptions…overall acceptable. I just hope I can remember to cancel at EOM.

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Yeah, this was their best production so far, I only had one 2 second garbled image. I’m glad we had the opportunity to watch it and wasn’t disappointed in paying for it for once. :wink:

My friend who lives in Omaha said he watched the Hogs-Jays game at home. I guess it was locally shown; I doubt he sprung for Flosports. Then the NCAA volleyball championship is tonight in Omaha. Big sports day on the banks of the Missouri River.

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