FloSports subscription reminder

Baseball season starts a week from today and if you plan on watching the tournament in Arlington you will need to subscribe to FloSports but make sure you check the MONTHLY plan because it is defaulted to the yearly plan and you will be charged a year if you don’t… cancel after the last game.
I have had no problem with the cancellation process the times I’ve used them so I just wanted to pass this info along so you don’t get a big surprise on your bill.


Good point. I don’t want to pay money for their awful telecast. I’ll listen to whoever does radio and hope it’s someone good and that live stats work.
Although there is a chance that I will cave before the texass game.

Flo sports in Arlington last time to me was okay now in round Rock it was absolutely awful…
Fingers crossed it will be worth the money I just spent LOL

I think I saw that Brett Dolan and Bubba will do the radio from Arlington while Phil is otherwise occupied.

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That will work.

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