Florida's Tre Mann enters NBA draft

Not a surprise.

Tre played his final year (maybe longer) at the Villages High School located in the huge Villages retirement community. The school there is private and open to kids whose family works at the Villages. It’s a terrific school. Tre’s family lived in Gainesville but his mom got a job at the High School and he enrolled. I saw him play the night he hit the 3 that made him the all time Florida HS scoring leader. Folks down there said he was a good kid from a good family. The night I saw him the competition was poor so the only thing I got out of his game was he could shoot lights out. No surprise he’s declaring.

I’m surprised the Villages even has a high school, but it makes sense that it’s private; those old fogeys don’t want to be paying school taxes for somebody else’s kids. Although I’ve known more than one set of grandparents who wound up raising their grandkids, including my maternal cousins.

The 55 and older rules in the Villages gives folks a fairly short timeline to move if someone younger than 55 moves in with the old folk. Exception is a spouse or partner of primary resident can be younger than 55. We have friends that’s lived there for over 20 years.

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