Florida's Payne thrown out for elbow

Popped Fulkerson of EOE pretty good in the face; I suspect Fulkerson lost consciousness. That’s a flagrant 2 if there ever was one.

That was dirty.

Missed it but my TN friends are livid! Okay watched it on YouTube. White should sit him for the remainder of the year. Dirty, dangerous and stupid. Wow

Payne got Fullerton twice. The first elbow just surprised him but the second one knocked Fullerton to the floor! It fired up Tennessee and Florida paid for it. Payne just flat out must be a dirty player. They had been banging down low all game long but Payne was headed down court when he threw the elbows right in front of the ref! It was immediate called and reviewed.
Fullerton was checked on the floor and helped off the court and taken to the locker room.

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