Florida's Johnson didn't collapse because of COVID

According to his family. Doctors at UF consulted experts from all over the country to make the determination.

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They still aren’t saying what it was, just what it wasn’t.

They may not tell what the true cause was! The Hank Gathers death changed the way players were given physicals to be cleared to play!

They may not, and it’s the family’s right not to do so. I really think they didn’t know why for some time after he collapsed, and then tried to pin down if COVID was the underlying cause because it’s known that he tested positive.

I think what Hank Gathers’ death did is accelerate the push to have defibrillators on hand at sports events, ready for immediate use. Loyola Marymount had an AED on hand that night but for some reason it wasn’t used until he had been taken outside on a stretcher. By then it was too late. If they’d shocked him immediately he might have survived. It would have freaked everyone in the gym out to see him get zapped, but seeing him die freaked everyone out too.

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